Voice input

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How it works

  • Please note this feature is in BETA (meaning it might not work ;)
  • Enable the Voice Input in my extension Options > Voice Input and it will add a microphone button in your Gmail webpage at the bottom of a new compose message (or reply area)
  • Click the microphone button
  • A prompt at the top should appear asking to use the microphone, click Allow
  • Then start talking (try slow and loud at first). Google's speech recognition service will translate your spoken words into text and compose your message without typing! (It's much faster)
  • If the words are not correct you can hover over them and choose from among other suggestions!
  • Problems? Check your microphone settings

Demo video

Speech recognition stopped

  • Note that this happens frequently. It's an issue with Google and hopefully they will fix it. It happens when the speech recognition service is interrupted due to the network or is just unable to listen
  • This also happens if you click outside of the voice input area
  • Just click Continue (or hit Enter) and resume speaking

Voice commands

(English only)

Saying this... Does this...
Comma Inserts ( , )
Period Inserts ( . )
Colon Inserts ( : )
Question mark Inserts ( ? )
Exclamation mark Inserts ( ! )
New line Inserts a new line
New paragraph Inserts a new paragraph
Erase Erases the last phrase spoken
Erase word Erases the last word
Erase all Erases everything in the input area
Stop recording Stops speech recognition
Send Email Sends the email
Message (while in subject field) Puts the focus into the message body