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Dec 16 v22.0 (partial rollout)

  • More space for replying
  • More dark themes
  • Option to add dismiss notification button
  • Provide solution for corrupt profiles
  • Fixed delete shortcut key '#' for all keyboard layouts

Oct 15 v21.7

  • New search for the options!
  • New skins to hide [Header title] or [Star button]
  • Option to "Move into action center" will change close after time
  • Move "Mark all as read" away from "Refresh" (accidental clicks)
  • Hide unsupported notification buttons in Opera
  • Show all option tabs with narrow screens
  • Fixed next mail error
  • Friendlier warnings and timeout errors

Sep 7 v21.6.12

  • Fixed sender/subject lines missing when account displayed
  • Fixed undo after Delete
  • Fixed popup window half size
  • Fixed notification actions when returning from idle
  • Detect offline

Jun 4 v21.6

  • Shortcut key to refresh
  • Option to move notifications into action center
  • Prevent old notifications on startup
  • Nicer labels layout
  • Nicer voice input button and added Hebrew
  • Move Undo notification away from mouse
  • Send feedback button
  • Fixed comma issue in sender name

Mar 14 v21.5

  • Changed account colors to gray
  • Display first & last names in notifications (option to revert)
  • Smaller notifications when using option to hide button icons
  • Scroll message with arrow keys
  • Improved label search
  • Use system fonts
  • Show background images in inbox view
  • Show horizontal scrollbar in inbox view
  • Show warning if skins are disabled
  • Fixed send page link to contact

Feb 5 v21.4.8

  • Fixed ignored accounts reappearing
  • Optimized button animation
  • Italian translations

Jan 10 v21.4.7

  • Removed support for Inbox by Gmail and the permission
  • Fixed overlapping close in inbox view
  • Fixed move/label error

Dec 23 v21.4.6

  • Fixed scroll to account issue
  • Fixed voice input microphone not loading with Gmail page
  • Fixed video recording
  • Disable Window's default notification sounds

Nov 15th v21.4

  • Add keyboard shortcut for DND
  • Option to prevent notifications at startup
  • Option to show "Archive all" button
  • Show attachments icon (manual add only)
  • Menu item to translate messages
  • Disabled autoplay for audio/video
  • Fixed starred mail display in popup

21.3.4 Oct 20

  • Fix fetch contact issue
  • Fix microphone issue
  • Removed "--" in email signature

21.3 Sep 24

  • Display multiple emails in native notifications
  • Brighter icons in native notifications - option to revert
  • More voice input languages
  • Fixed inbox view hover buttons
  • Fixed native notification click action
  • Fixed rtl and added Hebrew translations

21.2.2 Aug 12-July 13

  • Fixed remove theme/skin issue (.2)
  • Fixed native notification click action (.2)
  • Fixed rtl and Hebrew translations (.2)
  • Change unread mail account color
  • Set a solid background color
  • Mouse back button goes back to inbox
  • j/k (next/prev) shortcut keys
  • Shows label colors (w/ Manual Add option)
  • Fixed options page on Chrome restart May 26

  • Option to show snoozed notifications (Beta)
  • Fixed recurring Mac issue with white space in popup
  • Fixed sticky inbox view issue when clicking account icons Apr 29

  • Fixed sound issue with Chrome 66
  • Fixed small square popup on Mac with Chrome 66

21.1.2 Mar 4

  • DND options accessible via right click
  • Option to automatically go DND during a calendar event/meeting (Part 1/2)
  • Fixed shaking window (again)

21.1 Feb 9

  • New Bubbly icon option
  • Right click button to "Mark all as Read"
  • Option to display account receiving email
  • Option to repeat notifications
  • Nicer font on Mac
  • Darker reply photo icon
  • Detect calendar extension in FF
  • Fixed Ctrl+C conflict with Compose in FF Jan 3 2018

  • Fixed rtl menu issue
  • Show notification when waking from standby
  • Added Norweigan translations

21.0.11 Nov 15 - Oct 3

  • Display email next to sender's name
  • Open mail in background with Ctrl+Click
  • Mouse back button returns to inbox view
  • Account avatar shown in reply
  • Removed old design (More info)
  • Added Dark & Light theme
  • Fixed shifting buttons when marking/deleting emails
  • Fixed images in inbox view with dark theme
  • Fixed missing text "Reply to ALL"
  • Fixed replying a 2nd time to yourself issue
  • Fixed absolute urls (//) being treated as relative
  • Fixed long email address shifting buttons
  • Fixed issue displaying all emails when scrolling
  • Fixed reply authorMail issue
  • Fixed duplicate mail issue
  • Fixed popup clipped + empty white space on Mac
  • Fixed quick resize jag Sep 7th

  • Fixed voice notification stopping abruptly
  • Fixed account click scroll issue

20.1.6 Aug 24th

  • Fixed email image layout
  • Fixed missing YouTube thumbnail images
  • Scroll to top when viewing several emails
  • Fixed small popup issue on Mac
  • Support for Alipay

20.1.5 Jul 21

  • Optimized popup

20.1.4 Jun 14th

  • Fixed missing email sender and subject with Mac notifications

20.1.3 Jun 10th

  • Removed permission redirect to

20.1.2 May 18

  • Ctrl+clicking a link in inbox view keeps window open while opening link

20.1 Apr 14

  • Select days & times for Do Not Disturb
  • Added Japanese translations
  • Added iOS sound option
  • Nicer UI for Skins and Themes
  • Compatible with other Gmail extensions when using manual add
  • Enable button option "Open Inbox view" in Firefox extension
  • Fixed notification not showing when contact photos enabled Mar 20

  • Fix unread issue when ignoring accounts
  • Fix opening emails when using basic html
  • Show only once message "Only the Checker Plus view supports click to scroll to account"

20.0.5 Mar 9

  • Fixed error with "problem receiving message"
  • Stripe accepts more currencies

20.0.4 Mar 6

  • Fixed starred email syncing
  • Fixed compose button render

20.0.3 Feb 21

  • Push Notifications: Real-time email notifications - faster than Gmail's website!
  • Fixed floating account header issue with windows text zoom

19.3.11 Feb 12

  • Allow sounds to be turned off without contributing

19.3.10 Feb 5

  • Fixed date issue
  • Added more Chinese translations

19.3.9 Jan 24

  • Fixed mark as read/delete emails not being removed Jan 18

  • Fixed popup size issue v19.3.8.2
  • Using preferred language
  • Fixed Stripe currency issue Jan 5, 2017

  • Fixed reply issue (again)
  • Fixed disabling notification for specific labels
  • Added option for Stripe subscriptions
  • Stop opening options on crash
  • Fixed tabs error when monitoring Primary
  • Fixed spacing with 200% zoom

19.3.6 Dec 17th Dec 11th

  • Fixed replying issue (v19.3.5.4)
  • Fixed error with mark as read/delete (v19.3.5.2)
  • Fixed images not displaying
  • Fixed rgb color picker

19.3.5 Dec 2 - Nov 28

  • Fixed slow popup (19.3.5)
  • Re-added email signatures (19.3.5)
  • Fixed middle click to open tab in background (19.3.5)
  • Faster message preview - only parse date in last message (19.3.5)
  • Fixed error when reading, marking as read or deleting emails (19.3.4)
  • Reset sound when unchecking labels
  • New button option to open detached popup
  • Fixed Compose button error issue
  • Show "undo" toast on top if needed
  • Lots of french translations thanks to my gf

19.3.2 Nov 2

  • On install detect Inbox by Gmail
  • Disable language detection when using Native voice
  • Open in popup recycles same window
  • Hard refresh when double clicking refresh button
  • Fixed import data issue with token dates
  • Fixed remove accounts returning on restart
  • Fixed labels layout in popup
  • Fixed color picker affecting all accounts Oct 21

  • Nicer color picker
  • Nicer account / label options
  • Auto-advance within same account only
  • Option to disable "auto collapse conversations"
  • Removed Html from notifications
  • Use profile name when replying
  • Display errors to user
  • Added chinese translations
  • Fixed consecutive accounts issue causing duplicates
  • Fixed capitalization issue in Voice Input
  • Fixed date issue in popup
  • DND between same hours equals no DND
  • Fixed black empty popout v19.3.1.1
  • Fixed scroller error in popout v19.3.1.1
  • Fixed conversation view page to show once v19.3.1.2
  • Detect language to speak v19.3.1.2

19.2.16 Aug 29th

  • Fixed unread count issue with All Mail
  • Fixed double notification when resuming from standby
  • Fixed loading white square on button
  • New button option: Open Gmail in "new tab"
  • Support for arrow keys in label search

19.2.14 Aug 19th

  • Filter labels by typing
  • Better theme previewing
  • Added option: "Do not show notifications if a Gmail tab is open"
  • Shortened urls in notifications

19.2.13 Aug 6th

  • Fixed cached polling issue with Add Accounts method (seems Google API changed something)

19.2.12 July 18th

  • Fixed duplicate account/mail issue
  • Added progress notifications
  • Added option to always show gray icon in DND
  • Fixed microphone icon
  • Added Extension Conflict notice
  • Removed old look support notice
  • Fixed clicking x beside Inbox label

19.2.10 July 2nd

  • Fixed mark as read & delete issues for some users

19.2.9 June 21

  • Removed unread icon & animation when in DND
  • Increased Mark All As Read limit to 20 [Edit: reverted back to 10 cause or rate limit]

19.2.6 June 9th

  • DND reminder to turn off
  • Added note about Ctrl and click
  • Fixed Ctrl click on middle thread
  • Fixed line break in hover text
  • Added account error toast in options

19.2.5 June 3rd

  • More Rich notification close times, including infinite!
  • Added button option "Open Popout" window
  • Fixed Send issue
  • Starred email are reflected in extension
  • Reload labels with Options > Accounts > Refresh

19.2.4 May 13

  • Fixed empty lines in email summary
  • Changed skin refresh rate to daily
  • Added "Mark all as Done" button v19.2.3
  • Fixed capitalizing issue with speech input v19.2.3
  • Added Undo when deleting email from preview v19.2.4

19.2.1 Apr 11

  • Voice and video emails
  • Record your own voice for sound notifications
  • Play voice or video attachments inside the popup
  • New option > General > Play videos inside Gmail
  • Voice attachments are automatically played if voice notification is enabled
  • Fixed czech "undo" translation
  • Default to front facing camera - v19.2.1

19.1.5 Mar 9-1

  • Using smaller svg notification icons
  • Click actions stop voice and now long sound notifications
  • Optimized quota
  • "Open in popup" opens directly in Inbox view
  • Error accounts can now be removed in options
  • Added German translations
  • Unobfuscated some libraries (19.1.2)
  • Fixed email formatting issue (19.1.3)
  • Fixed narrow popup issue (19.1.4)
  • Play audio files inside popup (19.1.4)
  • In manual account mode: image and pdf open inside browser (19.1.5)
  • Fixed "subject" appearing issue (19.1.5)

19.1 Jan 25, 2016

19.0.51-49 Dec 29-22

19.0.48-47 Dec 8-Nov 29

  • Re-added "open label" option
  • Removed unused .css files
  • Text notification will not disappear now (.48)

19.0.46-43 Nov 25

  • Added weekend DND options
  • Fixed amp; issue in summary
  • Removed settings.json logic
  • Added multiple user license button
  • Open Gmail to all mail view (.44)
  • Removed call to webcomponents.min.js (.44)
  • Added Mark as read shortcut key (.45)
  • Fixed run in background (.46)

19.0.42-39 Nov 11

  • New options page in Material Design!
  • Added auto-advance logic after move label operation
  • Fixed custom sound issue (v.41)
  • Fixed voice to only read domain of long urls (v.41)
  • Fixed 12/24 date issue for italians (v.41)
  • Fixed html tags showing in summary (v.42)
  • Added Typewriter Bell sound (v.42)

19.0.38 Oct 23

  • Empty messages can be sent
  • Fixed right clicking links in popup window via notification
  • Fixed issue with text/html emails only
  • Reduced pageview hits

19.0.37-35 Oct 10

  • Fixed unread count with Primary label
  • Fixed skin: [Buttons] Always show
  • Added dialog account error messages
  • Catching lasterror on DND method (19.0.36)
  • Reduced analytics (19.0.36)
  • Fixed display mail account issue (.some error) (19.0.37)

19.0.34 Oct 3

  • Fixed date issue
  • Fixed wrong count issue with Auto-detect and Primary by adding error message
  • Added (No subject)
  • Fixed shortcut key only working on hover issue
  • Removed Beta from Add accounts manually option

19.0.33 Sep 26

  • Fixed labels taking up too much space
  • Fixed button animation issue
  • Fixed unstar button icon
  • Fixed Open Gmail button logic

19.0.32 Sep 19

  • Fixed issue with Updates and Social emails when monitoring only Primary
  • Fixed recent Reply All issue
  • Fixed date issue
  • Fixed missing star

19.0.29 Sep 11

  • Updated to Polymer 1.0
  • Added option to use CSS value for account color
  • Added option for 2 minute polling interval
  • Added option to hide button tooltip
  • Added shortcut key 'v' for move in email preview only
  • Fixed incomplete emails - now appending text/plain sections

19.0.28 Aug 21

  • Added option for max emails to display per account (default is 20 and it speeds up display in adding manual mode)
  • Added support for Alipay via Stripe
  • Added better support for Inbox by Gmail and Done; monitoring other categories ie. Forums, Social etc. must also now have the inbox label
  • Removed alias in from address when replying to emails
  • Added support for rtl in contribution page

19.0.27 Aug 9

19.0.26 Jul 30

  • Fixed button with no popup displaying issue

19.0.25 Jul 28

  • Added full date/time on date hover

19.0.24 Jul 24

  • Added guides
  • Fixed html in subject issue

19.0.23 Jul 21

19.0.22 Jul 18th

  • Added credit to image authors (Also added skin [Image] Hide author)
  • Fixed unread count flicker issue when using mark all as read

19.0.20 Jul 16th

19.0.19 Jul 12 - Jun 10

  • New Material Design!
  • Email a text selection from a webpage
  • Fixed image width in email preview
  • (19.0.1) Changed hamburger menu to left arrow
  • (19.0.1) Optimized email preview speed
  • (19.0.2) Fixed slow popup issue related to Chrome zoom setting
  • (19.0.2) Added "Revert auto-sizing" menu item in email preview
  • (19.0.3) Made popup more compact than v.19.0 - after constructive feedback
  • (19.0.3) Fixed email buttons overlay issue
  • (19.0.4) Added Mark ALL as Read button
  • (19.0.4) Option disable preview: Option > Display > Email preview
  • (19.0.4) Reduced white space below in popup
  • (19.0.4) More more compact popup window
  • (19.0.4) Buttons stay in place when scrollbar disappears
  • (19.0.4) Shrunk contact pictures
  • (19.0.5) Mark all as read is faster
  • (19.0.5) Added "removed account icon" in menu
  • (19.0.5) Fixed unchecking show contact pictures in options
  • (19.0.6) Display density menu option for compact look
  • (19.0.6) 2 lines of email preview text
  • (19.0.6) Added Czech and Chinese translations
  • (19.0.7) Fixed "Invalid to header" issue
  • (19.0.8) Changed default "Menu > Density display" to Cozy (new option) and all options now resize the popup window
  • (19.0.8) Fixed scrollbar issue for Mac Retina displays
  • (19.0.8) Fixed missing circles for the letter "T"
  • (19.0.8) Fixed closing text notification issue
  • (19.0.9) Added mark as spam button
  • (19.0.9) Re-added shortcut keys (except up/down navigation)
  • (19.0.9) Fixed support for Chrome zoom/font
  • (19.0.10) Fixed narrow Popout issue
  • (19.0.12) Added skins/themes!
  • (19.0.12) Added copy email address
  • (19.0.12) Added transparent colors for account colors
  • (19.0.12) Added Czech translations
  • (19.0.12) Fixed slow issue with long emails - removed highlight date
  • (19.0.12) Fixed some automatic content trimming issues
  • (19.0.13) Added view skin CSS link
  • (19.0.14) Added RTL support
  • (19.0.14) Reply from same email address as "Send mail as"
  • (19.0.14) Added option to automatically set DND when in fullscreen mode
  • (19.0.15) Auto-detect RTL/LTR in message body
  • (19.0.15) Fixed issue detecting "reply from email"
  • (19.0.16) Resizing background images
  • (19.0.16) Made skin dialog semi-transparent
  • (19.0.17) Centered images vertically
  • (19.0.18) Re-added search button and support for Inbox by Gmail search
  • (19.0.18) Change header colors to white when using background image
  • (19.0.18) Added support for shortcut keys on QWERTZ keyboards
  • (19.0.18) Added account identifier for custom CSS: .account[email=''] {[css here]}
  • (19.0.18) Added click email subject to open message in Gmail
  • (19.0.18) Added forward button (doesn't forward, it only opens message in Gmail)
  • (19.0.18) Send & Archive button will either close popup OR use your auto-advance settings
  • (19.0.18) Added spacing between accounts

18.1.36 Jun 2

  • Fixed session issue & sign in issue

18.1.34 Jun 1

  • (Material) Re-added support for Ctrl/middle click
  • (Material) Fixed squeezed image issue
  • (13.1.33) 2nd attempt to fix session issue
  • (13.1.34) 3rd attempt to fix session issue = a charm!

18.1.31 May 29

  • (Material) Added create event icon
  • (Material) Added highlight date/time parsing of emails
  • (Material) Fixed wide email image issue
  • (Material) Fixed trimmed content on forwarded emails
  • (Material) Fixed up/down arrows issue
  • (Material) 18.1.26 Fixed starring issue
  • (Material) 18.1.26 Saving draft issue
  • (Material) 18.1.26 Added reply and open buttons
  • (Material) 18.1.26 Added reply text to message thread
  • (Material) 18.1.27 Show email when hovering over names
  • (Material) 18.1.27 Marking as read will remove them from list
  • (Material) 18.1.27 Fixed actioning emails "after" replying
  • 18.1.28 Added debugging info for delete issue
  • (Material) 18.1.28 Added quick contact to compose button
  • (Material) 18.1.28 Removed animation when last email
  • (Material) 18.1.29 Added auto-advance options
  • (Material) 18.1.29 Fixed options reset issue
  • 18.1.30 In auto-detect mode added easy selection of primary categories
  • 18.1.30 Fixed possible delete and mark as read issue
  • 18.1.30 Added error notification
  • 18.1.31 Fixed session issue when sending
  • 18.1.31 Fixed emails from mail server errors

18.1.24 May 21

  • Added Option > Admin > Material design (Beta)
  • Added refresh to context menu
  • Moving mouse will stop voice notification
  • Fixed undefined issue
  • (18.1.17) Fixed sending to multiple emails issues
  • (18.1.18) Choosing different accounts to add
  • (18.1.18) Fix email page link to open correct account
  • (18.1.19) Fix unread count issue with delete action
  • (18.1.20) (Material) Fixed color issue
  • (18.1.21) Fixed delete and mark as read issue
  • (18.1.21) Switching Inbox/Checker is remembered
  • (18.1.21) (Material) Added next/prev navigation
  • (18.1.21) (Material) Listing recipients in reply
  • (18.1.23) (Material) Fixed preview message not disappearing after delete/archive
  • (18.1.23) Fixed multiple/report issue
  • (18.1.24) (Material) trimmed content
  • (18.1.24) (Material) Made reply area stick to bottom
  • (18.1.24) (Material) Fixed send + archive button
  • (18.1.24) (Material) Added option: starring applies Inbox label

18.1.15 Apr 22

18.1.14 Apr 14

  • Added Send page link to right click menu (18.1.14 has option to remove it)
  • Fixed undefined issue in notifications

18.1.12 Apr 7

  • Added bitcoins to Stripe options (18.1.12)
  • Removed unclickable options link from FVD widget (18.1.12)
  • Support for FVD widget cell options
  • Detect domain restricted and service accounts issues

18.1.10 Mar 29

18.1.7 Mar 15

  • Changed voice notifications default to OFF
  • Fixed sound notification issue
  • Hide Gmail ads in Popup window > Inbox view > above Promotion tab
  • Removed the option "Turn of regular Gmail checking" use "Ignore" option instead

18.1-6 Mar 7

  • Re-enabled settings.json (18.1.5)
  • Added Quick contact and other menu items (18.1.4)
  • Faster contacts polling (18.1.4)
  • Fixed Widgets tab issue (18.1.4)
  • Fixed mailto issue (18.1.4)
  • Added support for FVD Speed Dial
  • Added Hungarian translations
  • Updated jquery version
  • Added "Open Gmail" to right click menu of button
  • Fixed email subject display issue in popup

18.1.1 Feb 8th-17th

18.0.7 Jan 20th

  • Fixed sound selection issue when using adding accounts method
  • Improved language detection when using Multilingual extension
  • Improved error messages when detecting accounts
  • Added Spanish translations by Jorge Martínez

18.0.6 Jan 13th, 2015

  • (18.0.6) Fixed unable to select recipient in Inbox view > Compose
  • (18.0.5) Fixed unread count issue in option to add accounts manually
  • 18.0.5...
  • Changed the "Mute" options to "Do Not Disturb (DND)" which now also prevent the notifications from appearing, ideal for presentations or when watching movies :)
  • Added "Max emails to display per account" option
  • Option to "Display sender's first+last name" is also reflected in voice when reading out sender's name
  • Fixed "Set position and size of external popup window" not saving issue
  • Fixed tab issue when using nested tabs
  • Added Stripe
  • Added "unknown sender" text
  • Updated ga code

18.0.3 Dec 13th - Jan 4th)

  • Added new Account sign in methods optimized for multiple email account users (18.0)
  • Fixed unread mail count issue (18.0.1)
  • Fixed corrupt issue (18.0.2)
  • Fixed notification icon on Macs (18.0.2)
  • Removed mini notification icon on Macs (18.0.3)
  • Added Turkish translations (18.0)

17.3.2 Dec 5th

  • Added support for holding Mac button while clicking Open buttons to open emails and links in new tabs while staying in popup window
  • Fixed issue to always show mark as read options
  • Fixed blank email when no "from" field
  • Fixed issue - maximize link now opens first "active" email inbox
  • Added the infrastructure to support adding accounts manually, but can't be selected yet :)
  • Force popup to show sign in/out instructions when user has disabled popup on button click

17.3.1 Nov 16th

17.3 Nov 6th

17.2.12 Oct 28th

17.2.9 Oct 20

  • Fixed duplicate email account names
  • Fixed Inbox view top alignment
  • Removed my own suggested shortcut keys

17.2.8 Oct 9

  • Fixed empty "Inbox view" issue (Credit to Dominik)

17.2.7 Aug 26

  • Temporarily disabled the settings.json detection that was triggering this chrome issue

17.2.6 Aug 11

  • Install page opens on website

17.2.5 July 28

  • Fixed missing "to" field in Gmail inbox view

17.2.4 July 25th

  • Added more shortcut keys (Thanks to Bobby)
  • Removed "Oh Sh*t" sound effect due to teachers requests

17.2.3 July 21st

  • Increased notification display speed

17.2.2 July 16th

  • Updated payment code

17.2.1 July 10th

  • Added options for Force install Chrome extensions
  • Changed "Hear email" voice option default to "sender, subject, message"
  • Removed "fixed issue message"
  • Fixed disabling issue with mailto link (Thanks to Tony)

17.2 July 7th

  • Option to mute sounds while sleeping now mutes sounds AND voice notifications (Thanks to many users)
  • Added 'Reply All' choice after clicking Reply to an email with more than one recipient (Thanks to multiple suggestions)
  • Fixed cut off email in Gmail inbox view
  • Adding conversation view disabled warning
  • Translated "says" in voice notification (Thanks to Christoph)
  • Added 'Set basic HTML view' option to fix Compose links (Thanks to William)
  • Fixed inverted image issue with dark theme (Thanks to Matthew)

17.1.5 - 17.1.8 June 10th

  • Adding/removing message for Gmail issue

17.1.4 May 29

  • Fixed Send & Archive button
  • Removed Gmail inbox beta warning
  • Added notification error checking
  • Fixed options page loading issue on restart

17.1.3 May 20th

  • Fixed text notification issue in latest Chrome update version 35
  • Added option to "Only show buttons on hover" (Thanks to Stefan's suggestion)
  • Added notification button to "Star & Archive" (Thanks to Juan's suggestion)
  • Added option "Deleting marks as read" (Thanks to Jordan's suggestion)
  • Added zoom level 90% (Thanks to Sylvain's suggestion)
  • Fixed sign in issue with some Linux users (navigator.onLine)
  • Re-added option to disable "Always display external images" (Thanks to Maciek's suggestion)
  • Fixed auto save draft issue (Thanks to Jeff)
  • Fixed missing email date (Thanks to Christopher)

17.1.1 Apr 17-30th

  • Added full featured inbox popup view!
  • Uncluttered the 'Checker Plus' popup window
  • Added more button click options for "If no unread email"
  • Added some Persian translations
  • Fixed Send & Archive issue (Thanks Gene)
  • (17.1) Added option to open Gmail webpage when clicking on Checker Plus logo
  • (17.1.1) Added maximize button to open Gmail webpage (with option to hold Ctrl to open detached popup window)

16.6.3 (Mar 29th - Apr 6th)

  • Fixed collapsed unread conversations issue and missing times displayed (Thank you Mark)
  • Added default logos for emails from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Linkedin
  • Option to show image preview inside emails now includes html emails (Thank you Erik) Note: You will have to re-check this option because I had to disable it temporarily
  • Option to get extension update notifications for "every" update - including bug fixes
  • Option to have the button in the toolbar open a compose window (instead of the popup window, thank you Tyler)
  • Option to hide the "Mark all as read" button (Thank you Alex)
  • Option to remove diacritics (Debug tab) which was causing certain languages to not be spoken
  • Added share links
  • Saved drafts even if email is marked as read (Thank you Patrick)
  • Fixed missing refresh button in dark theme (Thank you Nick)
  • Added uninstall survey

16.6 (Mar 17th - 20th)

  • New button icons in popup window
  • Added new menu options
  • Display email account in notification (Thank you Jessica)
  • "Open in popup" now uses position and size settings under the General options (Thank you Chung)
  • Fixed Chrome page zoom issue in popup window (Thank you anonymous)
  • Fixed popup window links not responding (Thank you Shonari)
  • Fixed clicking email addresses issue
  • Fixed english uk language choice

16.4.1 (Feb 21 - 26)

16.1 (Jan 24)

16.0 (Jan 20)

  • New icons! (Kept the most popular ones but had to reduce the choices because too much maintenance to create high resolution retina versions for each)
  • Fixed compose popup window when using dual monitors
  • French updated
  • Fixed unstable Chrome detection for ChromeOS
  • Fixed error loading some email previews

15.1 (Jan 10, 2014)

  • Fixed voice issue on Linux and added more voices for Mac and Linux users
  • only show notifications when chrome profile is open (unless running in background mode enabled)
  • show notifications when resuming from locked state
  • removed deprecated html/advanced notification options
  • mute button in popup will also now mute notification sounds (as well as voice)
  • Extension now compatible with Opera (except for desktop and voice notifications)

15.0 (Dec 20)

  • Added syncing of options!
  • Fixed double loading on startup

14.0 (Dec 10)

  • Auto-detecting right to left languages when composing in reply
  • Now accepting Bitcoins!

13.13 (Dec 3)

  • Fixed refresh issue with ANTP widget
  • Notifications are even faster and always show contact photos if available

13.12 (Nov 21)

  • Fixed notification buttons affecting wrong email (rare occurrence when returning from standby etc.)
  • Returning from standby will retoast last notification of

possibly more than 1 email missed

  • Fixed mailUpdate error
  • Fixed notification rules not being followed in Accounts/Labels
  • Possibly fixed red icon without unread count
  • Updated Google Wallet button

13.10 (Nov 18)

  • Added notification option to show preview of first image inside email
  • Saves email reply text if popup loses focus
  • Apply labels without closing popup

13.9.2 (Nov 11)

  • Fixed OEM issue
  • Added horizontal scrollbar for long label names
  • Fixed issue with option to not mark as read when replying to email

13.9 (Oct 29)

  • Optimized regex when processing new notification text
  • Optimized icon animation
  • Added option to display sender’s full name
  • Added niceAlerts
  • Renamed chrome.extensions.sendMessage

13.8.4 (Oct 18)

  • Fixed empty notifications issue with Linux users
  • Added debug option to ignore non-gmail account
  • Fixed empty "to:"

13.8.3 (Sep 18) - Fixed disabling sound notification issue

13.8.2 (Sep 6)

  • Fixed issue with missing contact photos in notifications
  • Synced sound with notification
  • Added German translations

13.8.1 (Aug 16)

  • Fixed archiving issue with “move to”
  • Updated to jQuery 2.0.3

13.8 (Aug 9)

  • Larger text in notification for displaying multiple new emails
  • Closing notification stops voice
  • Added more currencies to Google Wallet

13.7 (Aug 2)

  • Added “Move to label” button
  • Added “Send + Archive” button option
  • Use first name only in notification

13.6.2 (Jul 24)

  • Added notification close times and changed default to 15 seconds
  • Removed html codes from email subjects
  • Fixed notification tests disappearing too early
  • Fixed animated icon looping

13.6.1 (Jul 19)

  • Added more summary lines in rich notifications
  • Added horizontal scrollbar when previewing wide emails
  • Hide notification window after top popup button actions
  • Fixed ”414 error too large” when replying to emails
  • Reduced length of link tooltips

13.6 (Jul 13)

  • Added rich notification options
  • Fixed broken images in preview summary
  • Stop voice when clicking buttons in notification window
  • Faster updating of unread count
  • Reduced polling by matching Gmail urls
  • Added infrastructure for adding accounts
  • Added more error logging
  • Fixed notification test link
  • Removed 2nd "already donated" link

13.5.8 - Jun 17 Fixed rich notifications displaying issue 13.5.7 - Jun 10 Fixed 0 new emails/test issue 13.5.6 - Jun 10 Fixed rich notification and sign in issue with all mails label

13.5.5 - June 9

  • Fixed warning for Rich Notifications beta
  • Added 2 popup warning
  • Fixed status "Saved" moving buttons down when Voice Input enabled

13.5.3 - May 17

  • Fixed scroll position, reset to top when previewing emails
  • Fixed overlapping "display images" text
  • Fixed opening priority inbox emails, changed #mbox to #inbox
  • Added Sign in help link
  • Added GA to Mac/Linux


  • Fixed display issue of long label titles
  • Fixed clicking account issue when ignoring emails


  • Fixed weird labels appearing


  • Fixed emails.last() in error log


  • Disabled Google Wallet for now.


  • Reduced load on host


  • Fixed sign in/loading issue due to label "All mail" and with disappearance of onDisplayed method


  • Removed the default behaviour of "Do not show notification if you're already in your Gmail tab" and made it optional.
  • Newest toasted rich notifications will close previous rich notifications.
  • Added 64x64 icon
  • Fixed issue when typing in labels dropdown or contacts search
  • Fixed disabled transitions issue
  • Updated to jQuery 2.0
  • Removed "write about me"
  • Added long time user special
  • Changed default shortcut key Ctrl+Shift+O to Alt+Shift+O
  • Matched badge loading (...) colors with my calendar extension

13.2 - Added Rich Notification option (Beta) 13.1 - Bug fix: Changed shortcut key on Macs from Cmd+Q to Ctrl+Shift+Q for "Mark as read", sorry Mac users for the short lived troubles.


  • Added reply to email within email preview popup! (no popout)
  • Added option to disable or select different notifications (desktop, sounds, voice) for each email account or label!
  • Added voice options to hear sender, subject, or message etc.
  • Added shortcut keys (customizable refer to FAQ) ...
** Mark email as read in notification window
** Open email displayed in notification window
  • Fixed refresh button issue on Mac
  • Removed "Open" button beside email account (Because clicking the email account does the same thing)
  • Hid collapse arrow when nothing to collapse
  • Fixed disabling transition option to remove "all" animations now
  • Reduced js errors


  • Added voice input/speech recognition option for composing emails! (BETA)
  • Fixed missing bcc: line
  • Added option to disable transitions
  • Chopping out Sent "wirelessly" with EOM option
  • Reduced JS errors
  • Fixed German


  • Added Signin link when only error accounts detected
  • Option to add aliases/nicknames to your email accounts
  • Changed "Always display external content" default option to off...
  • Fixed missing contact photos for some contacts
  • Fixed issue when adding labels with special charaters
  • Fixed label sort order
  • Larger buttons in advanced notification window (when showing 4 or less buttons)
  • Added option to collapse email accounts by default
  • Added onerror logging
  • Added Japenese translations thank (terepanda)


  • Added an option to use text or html notification windows for compatibility with OS X Notification Center and Growl
  • Added test out links for each notification window type in options
  • Removed voice speaking when returning from standby/hibernate mode
  • Clicking on button with option to open Gmail will now open to the inbox with unread mail
  • Fixed "Send link issue" with Russian and French websites
  • Fixed issue when hitting down arrow in popup
  • Fixed Ctrl+C issue which opened window
  • Fixed refresh button: now also refreshes inboxes with unauthorized or timeout errors
  • Increased contact photos sizes
  • Move section titles to the top in options page


  • Fixed settings not saving issue
  • Added ignore account checkbox option (instead of typing it manually)


  • Increased default polling interval from 15 to 30 seconds to avoid "unusual usage/account locked" error and also reduced pre-fetching of email contents for the same reason
  • Added more keyboard shortcuts and options for them
  • Added french translations
  • Fixed issue with search and certain letters causing actions
  • Fixed 'Singin' typo


  • Fixed hiding actions issue with this open off "Only show action buttons when you hover over in the notification window"
  • Fixed Google Checkout button
  • Removed unclosed tag in header
  • Filtered speech to avoid saying long numbers
  • Added shortcut keys (BETA) *only affects first unread email, selecting emails (down/up) is still under dev... c=compose ,o=open, enter=preview, r=mark as Read, ar=mark All as Read


  • Fixed issue with mute voice while sleeping
  • Fixed issue with iPad labels INBOX/blah etc.
  • Fixed options display page


  • Re-added "Mark all as read" (had accidentally removed it, sorry :)
  • Fixed issue with monitoring nested labels


  • Added search in labels
  • Fixed display issues with email by removing "Inbox for" text in all lanauges
  • Fixed dollar sign issue
  • Fixed issue with labels containing accents
  • Updated to jQuery 1.8.1, faster?


  • Added search button
  • Polling interval changes do not require a restart anymore
  • Fixed widget options to almost always show
  • Widget: Removed initial fading background when loading ANTP widget
  • Widget: Removed sign in link when already signed in
  • Removed deprecated transaction mode
  • Optimized readonly for settings
  • Optimized to use onMessage requests


  • Update to manifest 2 (Users will have to upgrade to latest Chrome versions)
  • Added text notification window option, which might work better with notification systems with Growl or Mac
  • Added option to set position and size of Compose/Reply popup window
  • Added new German and Dutch translations
  • Added widget compatibility with Awesome New Tab Page (ANTP)
  • Fixed minutes ago display issue
  • Fixed time 12 hour time issue difference
  • Fixed issue with opening multiple tabs (/ca/ url issue)
  • Fixed middle click popup action to only happen when in notification window


  • Fixed issue with new windows being open instead of existing Gmail shortcut windows or popup windows (had to revert issue with compose window though)
  • Fixed issue to have middle click only open popup window, except, when clicking on a link


  • Fixed copy issue, moved right click to middle click for popout window
  • Fixed issue when opening an email while composing
  • Fixed issue with focus being placed on compose popup window
  • Fixed hopefully the mark as read bug
  • Added extra feature to hide 'by'
  • Added experimental feature to remember read emails
  • Added Lithuanian translations


  • Added option to change summary format and add scrolling summmary
  • Added more content to exclude from content loading option
  • Added option to disable email preview
  • Added a note beside account errors
  • Added right click in notification window to open larger popup window
  • Fixed issue with repeated email accounts
  • Fixed blank space in notification window


  • Added option to disable display of external content
  • Added shadow effect to custom theme
  • Fixed no image/icon issue in notification
  • Fixed no reply button issue
  • Removed Google's redirect when clicking on links
  • Improved dark theme


  • Added custom theme to add your own button colors
  • Added hold control while clicking to open links in background
  • Added Hebrew translations
  • Korean changes
  • Fixed issue with EOM, loading "..." and Sent from Blackberry option

8.3.1 - Added Korean translations 8.3 - Fixed issue with clicking button icon when not signed in 8.2 - Added temporary mute voice in popup window and fixed mute voice while sleeping issue. 8.1.6 - Fixed issue with opening important mails/priority inbox in Gmail window 8.1.5 - Removed bottom scrollbar that appeared with Chrome 19 8.1.4 - Following Google's change... I have changed the important and all mail urls (because old all mail link was also showing spam emails) 8.1.3 - Fixed issue with important mail not opening emails in Gmail window 8.1.2 - Fixed display cut-off issue on Macs


  • Fixed email count when monitoring 'all mail' and removed duplicate emails when they matched several monitored labels
  • Added option to hide email signatures from the summary like 'Sent from my ...'
  • Added option to always show action buttons without hovering over in the notification window


  • Added option to "Group emails by labels" (default is on)
  • Added option to identify your email accounts with your own colors!
  • 7.2 - Added option to "mute voice while I'm sleeping"
  • 7.1 - Added photos to contacts view
  • 7.0 - Added contacts view and mark "all" as read (limited to max 10 for now)
  • 6.9.2 - Added option to show notifications for older dated emails which were fetched by POP3
  • 6.9.1 - Fixed sound issue on Linux machines
  • 6.9 - Added a dark theme in the options
  • 6.8.4 - Fixed freezing issue in latest version of stable channel of Chrome 18 by changing the notification sound code
  • 6.8.3 - Fixed Chrome channel detection
  • 6.8 - Fixed issue with not signing in=
  • 6.7 - Fixed issue with email preview not showing up (only subject/header was visible)
  • 6.6 - Fixed issue with monitoring labels with unusual characters
  • 6.5 - Option to change action buttons theme
  • 6.4 - Fixed "loading" issue with danish Gmail users and possibly other languages
  • 6.3 - Added option to also hide "Mark as read/unread" buttons

1.0 (Dec 16, 2011)

  • Created