Voice Notifications

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Enable them in Options > Notifications > Voice Notifications

Chrome voices

  • Google Chrome includes several Text-to-Speech (TTS) engines in different languages and genders (Some are OS specific)

How to add speech engines

  1. My extensions automatically detect them in the options page and you can select and test them out.
  2. You can also find more by simply adding an extension which implements Chrome's TTS Engine API They don't do much by themselves, until you have another extension that interacts with it, like some of my extensions :)
  3. These speech engine extensions are available on the Chrome Web Store but not easily identifiable. You can search for keywords like tts engine or try the links below
  4. Then go to my extension's options page and select the new voice to use. (Note: Of course this will only work my extensions that use voices)

Links to speech engines

( Note: Some speech engine's can cause high cpu usage if they are not coded well )

Create your own speech engines

  1. Developers just have to create an extension which implements Chrome's TTS Engine API
  2. Then they put few lines of code to call the API of an existing speech API (or generate their own speech)
  3. Add the extension to the Chrome Web Store
  4. Once done, if you want I can add your new speech engine to the list here, just contact me

Here are a few cool speech API's you can start building your extension with...

Volume, pitch and rate

  • The volume, pitch and rate can "sometimes" be controlled by my extension otherwise they are controlled by the speech engine extension or perhaps in their options if they have some.

Cannot hear the voice

  • By default this option is enabled in your settings Notifications > Voice notification > "Only if you're away from computer for at least 15 seconds". You can turn this off, but my recommendation is to leave it on because if you're at the computer you'll most likely see and read the notification before the voice, therefore it won't be necessary.
  • Try using the Native speech engine, other speech engines may not work if there are network issues

It's not reading the whole thing out load

  • Look in the options for the speech engines ...the "native" option can read unlimited words or it can also set the option to "limit the words spoken". Note that other speech engines you add may set their own limit to max words spoken and ignore my setting.

Voice issues

Can't hear voice

  • Some speech engines require the internet
  • Disable the following default option Notifications > Voice notification > "Only if you're away from computer for at least 15 seconds"
  • Try using the "Native" speech engine and use the test/play button
  • Try restarting the browser

Voice setting not turning off

  • Verify by reloading the options page that the Option > Notifications > Voice notificiation > is clearly off and being saved.
  • You have more than 1 instance of Chrome open (Beta, Dev etc.)
  • You have multiple Chrome user profiles, one of which you did not disable the voice
  • You have a VPN or remote connection to another machine with the extension and it's voice is not disabled