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You have an unstable channel or old browser version

Verify stable versions

Force a browser update

Reinstall the browser to force the latest update to use my extensions and most importantly for your security.

Why bugs appear

Bugs in extensions using an unstable channel are probably caused by the browser itself and not the extension. It's like getting a CD player (ie. my extension) for your car, but the car's speakers (ie. unstable browser) are damaged and then blaming the CD player instead of the speakers (unstable browser). You can validate this by trying to replicate the issue on the stable channel.

Why only my extensions

My extensions are much more complex than other similar ones because I use the latest technologies, such as background mode, voice notification, retrieving contact photos, indexedDB storage etc. these features have been proven to always work on the stable channel only

Why I cannot support unstable channels

Unstable channels are continuously under development by the browser teams and bugs are constantly introduced into these channels as a result. If I started to support these channels I would be spending most of my time fixing bugs eternally for the 5% who actually use these channels. Instead I have chosen to wisely concentrate my efforts on the majority who are using the stable channel and who expect stability and a bug free environment.

Browsers have many different release channels

  1. Chrome/Firefox (The only stable channel and used by 95% of users)
  2. Beta (Has soon to be released features with potential bugs)
  3. Dev/Nightly (Has expirmental features and definite bugs)
  4. Canary/Dev Edition (Similar to Dev but can run in parallel with another channel)
  5. Chromium (The open-source browser behind Chrome)

More info

Updating or changing channels

A common mistake is to accidentally download the beta version and then think that it will update to the stable version. This will not happen, each channel does receive their own updates but your channel will never update or change to another channel. You would have to uninstall your channel and install the stable channel. More info


  • If you find issues on an unstable channel your options are...
  1. Try the stable version (where bugs will be supported by me)
  2. Ignore the issue and wait for it to eventually be resolved on that channel by the browser team
  3. Do not write bug reports on the "review" wall (especially for the unstable browser channels because I most probably can't fix them only the browser team can)
  4. Try another extension by someone else