Sound issues

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  • Try testing the sound by clicking the play button in the options
  • Try re-installing the extension (without loading your previous settings)
  • Try restarting the browser
  • Try restarting the computer
  • Go to chrome://flags and click the "Reset all to default"
  • You might have removed the sound notification for particular labels in the Accounts / Labels options.
  • Try using a smaller file size or shorter sound file (I recommend .ogg files)
  • Not enough space errors... you can click the Delete all custom sounds link at the bottom of the select sound popup window and try selecting smaller files
  • Sometimes Chrome has problems playing certain sound files, try choosing another type (ie. .ogg or .mp4 etc.) or try converting your sound file to another type with sites like One trick is to simply drag your sound file onto a new Chrome tab and if it plays it should work with my extension.