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(PC only)

  • Turn on my extension Option > Notifications > "Run in background when browser is closed"
  • Make sure have not disabled background apps in Chrome
    • In Chrome Menu > Settings > Advanced (At bottom) > System
    • Turn on "Continue running background apps when Google Chrome is closed." more info
  • You might have to use the stay signed in from the Gmail login page
  • If you enable this feature in the options it will drastically changes your browser's behaviour. This means that you will get popup notifications of your events even if your Chrome browser is closed!
  • This extension will run as soon as the user logs into their computer, before the user launches Chrome and continue running even when Chrome has no visible windows. This feature is available for all extensions and my extension may not be the only one using this feature.
  • However, you can explicitly quit Chrome and the extension with the new Chrome icon that will show up in your system tray or I also added an option to NOT show notifications if your browser is closed if you don't like this feature, BUT, I cannot remove the background feature and tray icon.

Known issues...

  • Logged in sessions for any websites may remain logged in if you just close the Chrome window and re-open it, you'll have to either logoff from your website or exit Chrome using the tray icon in that case.
  • Restarting your browser after an update: You'll have to quit Chrome using the tray icon and then start it