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Choose between 2 popup windows views described below:

  • Checker Plus (unread only)
  • Inbox view (all mail)
  • You can set the default view in the General options > Button click action
  • Click the > Switch to Inbox
  • You can also hold Ctrl (Windows only) while clicking the toolbar button to toggle this view

Checker Plus popup window

  • Quickly view and take action on unread emails only, from any label you monitor.
  • Completely customizable: show or hide buttons, select colors for different email addresses and more
  • Optimized for multiple email accounts


Inbox popup window

  • In order to access this view, click Menu > "Switch to Inbox" at the top right of the popup window. Alternatively, you can select to have this view as your default - refer to text above.
  • Full featured Gmail inbox - this includes all previously read emails.
  • Use the menu button to view any label
  • Supports Send mail from a different address or alias
  • Supports forwarding of emails
  • NOT customizable or maintained by me (This is Gmail's mobile/tablet version, except the tabs, more info below)
  • NOT convenient for multiple accounts (But you can still switch accounts with the menu button)
  • Works offline



(Available only in the inbox popup view)

Get the extra features and create quick access tabs for your labels (Inbox, Primary, Work, or custom labels) Go to the Accounts / Labels options and select the "Tab" icon beside the labels of your choice. Note: You can also use the menu button to view any label without using the tabs


Other small differences

Checker Plus popup window:

  • If you have filters for labels then make sure you monitor those labels in extension's options. Note: If your filters mark emails as read, then my extension will NOT be able to notify or display them in this popup view.
  • The feeds I am using are limited to the last 20 unread emails for each label. So the most you will see per label is 20 unread emails in the preview and popup window.
  • The reply button only simulates a reply by pasting the first few lines of the original email into the body of the compose window (Those few lines is all I can insert there due to API limitations)
  • The reply text area at the bottom of the email preview sends emails out in 'text only' mode, which will break your lines after 80 characters but don't worry the whole message will be sent.
  • You can only reply from the email account that the email was sent to.