Permissions and privacy

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  • I carefully minimized the permissions of all my extensions and programmed optional permissions which you may grant after installing to give you more control and safety. I use the most updated and revocable authentication methods possible such as OAuth
  • The permissions you see when installing the apps are the minimum requirements for my apps to perform their basic purpose. More info
  • I do not collect any personal information that my extensions have access to. More info. Only anonymous usage information is collected on how frequently users click certain options so that I can remove unused options.
  • Read the full Terms of Service.

Trust the developer and read the reviews

The important thing that you will see outlined in Google's permission description is to trust the developer and read the reviews. I encourage you to read my many great reviews on the Chrome Web Store, many have been written by developers who would have surely pointed out any suspicious behavior. I have gone above and beyond most developers by even including a video of myself