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Updated August 17 2017


  • The extensions were designed to use an authorization system via the industry-standard OAuth 2.0 protocol as a secure way to outsource user authentication. This means that Jason Savard does NOT have access to your passwords.
  • The permissions you agree to when installing the extensions are the minimum requirements for the extensions to perform their basic purpose. Optional permissions which you may grant after installing the extensions give you more control and safety.
  • Before you accept the Install Permissions, it is strongly recommended to read the reviews. Jason Savard encourages you to read his many great reviews on the Chrome Web Store, many of which were written by developers who would have surely pointed out any suspicious behaviour. Jason Savard goes above and beyond most developers by including a video of himself.

Read the Reviews:

Privacy Policy

  • Jason Savard does not collect any personal information that the extensions may have access to. Only anonymous usage information is collected (including but not limited to how prevalent the use of certain extension features is so that the extensions can be optimized).
  • Google user data is accessed by the extensions solely in order to display it to the user via the popup window or the notifications, which is the purpose of the extensions. For performance reasons, some information is stored locally in the extensions and can be removed by uninstalling the extension. For example: When opted in, contact emails can auto-complete.
  • All Google user data is not shared with anyone else other than the extension user. The extensions act as a conduit to the user's Google data.
  • Read the full Terms of Service.