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  1. Try re-installing the extension before doing this list.
  2. Windows users: Enable notifications and try turning it off and then on again: Start menu > Settings > System > Notifications and action settings > Get notifications from apps and other senders Make sure Google Chrome is also enabled below that option (Note about double sounds)
  3. Mac users: System preferences > Notifications > Google Chrome > Allow notifications from Google Chrome
  4. Make sure Start menu > Settings > System > Focus Assist is off
  5. Enable extension notifications: Options > Notifications > Desktop notifications
  6. Enable Start menu > Settings > Privacy > Background apps > Let apps run in background
  7. Click the notification icon beside the Notifications option. Does that work?
  8. When you get a new email does the button shake?
  9. Try signing out and back in to your Google accounts.
  10. Try restarting the computer (Yes this has worked for some people :)
  11. Remove the Option > Notifications > Do not show notification if you're already in your Gmail tab
  12. Are you monitoring the correct labels in Options > Accounts/Labels
  13. Is the checkbox to the right of each monitored label under the heading "Notification" also checked?
  14. Generally, new emails should show a notification AND they will appear in the popup window when you click the button at the top, are the emails appearing there?
  15. Note: You will not be re-alerted of the latest unread email (like when you restart the browser)
  16. If the issue continues contact me on my forum and so I can view the logs.

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