Multiple Account Checker for Gmail

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My 2 different Gmail checkers...

Multiple Account Checker for Gmail Checker Plus for Gmail
Type App Extension
Description It places an icon on your New Tab page to launch your multiple Gmail accounts in one tab. It adds a mail button at the top right of your browser that displays your unread messages and is visible at all times.
Supports multiple accounts YES YES
Desktop notifications NO YES
Supports Inbox by Gmail NO YES
Auto refresh NO YES
Run in background
while Chrome is closed
Aut-detect signing in Must add accounts manually YES
Aut-detect signing out Accounts you add will always be signed in unless you remove them from within this app YES
Details Screenshots and more details Screenshots and more details

Granting or revoking access

Refer to Granting access

Flickr photos

You can disable showing these photos in the options. Note: This product uses the Flickr API but is not endorsed or certified by Flickr.