Corrupt browser profile

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  • Your browser profile has become corrupted (ex. a blank button icon in the toolbar)
  • Browser updates or power outages can cause this
  • Firefox users who disabled the Options > Remember history


(For Firefox refer to Refresh Firefox)

  • Try restarting the computer
  • Try reinstalling the extension
  • Try clearing storage space on your computer
  • Verify corrupted profile by adding a Chrome user called "test". (Note: It will not delete your current user, you will just have an extra one after this which you can delete)
  • Before following the next step make sure NOT to "Sign into Chrome or Sync" just click the Skip for now or create a new tab (because we don't want any extensions or old data imported into this test user)
  • Create a new Chrome user and then add my extension under that new test user and see if the issue still exists

If the issue is fixed then you'll have delete your old Chrome user and start a new Chrome user.

If the issue is not fixed than please fill out this Bug form or try uninstalling and reinstalling the Chrome browser or reset Chrome settings