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Certain issues are related to the Google Chrome browser itself and not my extension.

Crashes are generally due to Chrome itself even though my extension may trigger it, the browser should not crash unless it is experiencing difficulties.

If I have sent you here the issue is probably only occurring for only few users and usually because of a specific system/browser configuration that creates the issue. Try the following in this order...

  • Try uninstalling and re-installing the extension and verify you have the Latest stable versions
  • Refer to Corrupt browser profile
  • If you changed any chrome://flags then please reset them (Restart the browser after)
  • Try reinstalling the browser
  • Search the Chrome issues website and if you find it, add comments or star it or else create a new one if no one has reported it yet! If you do find or submit an issue, please send me the link to it so that I can keep track of it also.