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Jan 2023 v30.1 (partial rollout)

  • New skins to hide specific snooze hours/days
  • New recurring Weekdays option (Mon-Fri)
  • Hide button countdown if calendar not selected for notifications
  • Removed 24 date from some logos
  • Better contrasting badge colors (Firefox)

Dec v30.0 (partial rollout)

  • Skins & themes will also apply to the reminder window!
  • New agenda skins to hide declined events and video calls
  • Add dates to text & rich notifications
  • Added 2 hours grace time for "Do not show past events" option
  • Option to hide reminder header
  • Remove auto-change to agenda view when too narrow or zoomed
  • Shortened calendar date headers
  • Fix detect time issue with DST

Oct v29.5

  • Set events to busy or free
  • Remember opened reminder window position
  • Moved next/prev arrows to the left of the month title
  • New Catppuccin theme
  • Optimized button animation
  • Added Checker Plus branding
  • Trim trailing zeros ie. 2.0h -> 2h on countdown
  • Increased hour threshold in countdown
  • Option to set static reminder window title

Aug v29.4

  • Precise countdown to next event on badge ie. 1.5h
  • More frequent event polling as a backup to real-time syncing
  • Reset pending reminder when reminder window is focused
  • Smoother mouse wheel scrolling
  • Removed lengthy minutes remaining on badge
  • Note to Mac users about Full Screen mode
  • Toggling 24 hour will update context menus
  • Fixed Polish translations

July v29.3

  • Darker blue and gray background badge colors so Chrome forces white text
  • Added Greek in language options
  • Fix for wrong month when using quick add in certain languages
  • Fix for empty reminder icon
  • Fix meeting links in rich notifications to use signed in user
  • Fix meeting links displaying twice
  • Fix Chrome OS detection

May v29.2

  • Tasks will not be marked as complete when dismissed
  • Go to Day view by clicking on day header in Week view
  • Add 45m snooze
  • Option to change "Max events to stack in a day"
  • Renamed label "Max events to stack in timeline view"
  • Show email notification times
  • Modernize dialog scrollbars
  • Fixed wheel scrolling in month view
  • Fix clicking month # and then quick add does not add to that day
  • Identify correct user when using Google Meet
  • Use default calendar when using context menu Set date/time
  • Search results will center on today/future
  • Reduced width of popover impeding drag & drop
  • Add Edit button in create event notification
  • Add "$" symbol to words Invoice or Bill

Mar 2022 v29.1

  • Improved mini date & time dropdowns:
    Show duration in hours
    Supports themes
    Full internationalization
  • Click day header in week view to switch to day view
  • Highlight current date in week & day views
  • Modern scrollbars
  • Better contrast with loading badge
  • Fixed end time issue when switching all day
  • Fixed German & Japanese translations

Feb 2022 v29.0

  • More frequent event polling as a backup to real-time syncing
  • Show other months in mini calendar
  • Ctrl+S shortcut to save events
  • Fixed Darcula theme when showing more events
  • Enabled real-time notifications in Vivaldi
  • Added polish translations
  • Fixed circle for meeting events
  • Add info about Google Tasks in notification options
  • Remove html from description on hover

Oct v28.2

  • Put title before time in day & week views
  • Added an Edge style icon in button options
  • Option to show remaining time of current event
  • Option for maximum events to stack
  • Undo dismissed notifications in admin options
  • Fixed issue with more (+) link

July v28.1

  • Smoother agenda loading & scrolling
  • Click day header in week view to switch to that day view
  • Empty circle event icon for unaccepted invite
  • Option to show Busy events
  • Search Tasks
  • Sync event title changes that were snoozed in reminders window
  • Don't play voice notifications on startup
  • Display event time in rich notification
  • Add page link when creating event from right clicking selected text
  • Fixed clickable links in descriptions

Apr 20th v28.0

  • Support for Google Tasks!
  • New badge emojis ⏳ (loading) 🌙 (DND)
  • Delete button in reminders windows is off by default in options
  • Option to auto-dismiss events when clicking join video
  • Removed fetching events limit

Mar 1st 2021 v27.5

  • Faster reminder & calendar window
  • Added -30m and 1.5d snooze times
  • Added event end times to button tooltip
  • Show event file attachments
  • Dismiss notification when clicking join video
  • Do not dim today's events
  • Display notification times on hover in reminder window
  • Fixed duplicate event description & location
  • Fixed modifying recurring events issue
  • Firefox: Fixed missing scrollbar

Nov 6th v27.4

  • Guide to pin extension to toolbar
  • Guide for network problem solutions
  • Clickable Zoom meeting links
  • Event notes
  • Slovak language option
  • Fixed day spanning issue when close to midnight
  • Fixed -2m snooze
  • Fixed Firefox more events disappearing

Sep 16th

  • Display shortcut keys in options
  • Fixed event dialog position when too many attendees
  • Option for -2m snooze time
  • Option to disable shortcut keys
  • Show icon for recurring events in agenda view

July 15th v27.2

  • Add recurring events from the popup window!
  • Shortcut keys for calendar views (Press '?')
  • Show settings synced with Google Calendar
  • Removed -5m snooze for all-day events
  • Reload search results when modifying events
  • Fix inviting guests issue
  • Fix time format issue

May 26th v27.1

  • Add video conferencing to events
  • Show conference phone numbers
  • Sort attendees by organiser and name
  • Change default snooze time
  • Better display for min left/starts in
  • Localized date and time format

Mar 5 v27.0

  • Show reminder times in event view
  • Save/restore event details if popup window focus lost
  • Shortcut key for quick add in page
  • Press '?' to view keyboard shortcuts
  • Option to disable "Detect time"
  • Fixed ISO week numbers
  • Removed html tags in event description
  • Always show context menu items when text selected
  • Remember no response to Facebook permissions
  • Add Options menu to right click in FF

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