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Mar 1st 2021 v27.5 (partial rollout)

  • Faster reminder & calendar window
  • Added -30m and 1.5d snooze times
  • Added event end times to button tooltip
  • Show event file attachments
  • Dismiss notification when clicking join video
  • Do not dim today's events
  • Display notification times on hover in reminder window
  • Fixed duplicate event description & location
  • Fixed modifying recurring events issue
  • Firefox: Fixed missing scrollbar

Nov 6th v27.4

  • Guide to pin extension to toolbar
  • Guide for network problem solutions
  • Clickable Zoom meeting links
  • Event notes
  • Slovak language option
  • Fixed day spanning issue when close to midnight
  • Fixed -2m snooze
  • Fixed Firefox more events disappearing

Sep 16th

  • Display shortcut keys in options
  • Fixed event dialog position when too many attendees
  • Option for -2m snooze time
  • Option to disable shortcut keys
  • Show icon for recurring events in agenda view

July 15th v27.2

  • Add recurring events from the popup window!
  • Shortcut keys for calendar views (Press '?')
  • Show settings synced with Google Calendar
  • Removed -5m snooze for all-day events
  • Reload search results when modifying events
  • Fix inviting guests issue
  • Fix time format issue

May 26th v27.1

  • Add video conferencing to events
  • Show conference phone numbers
  • Sort attendees by organiser and name
  • Change default snooze time
  • Better display for min left/starts in
  • Localized date and time format

Mar 5 v27.0

  • Show reminder times in event view
  • Save/restore event details if popup window focus lost
  • Shortcut key for quick add in page
  • Press '?' to view keyboard shortcuts
  • Option to disable "Detect time"
  • Fixed ISO week numbers
  • Removed html tags in event description
  • Always show context menu items when text selected
  • Remember no response to Facebook permissions
  • Add Options menu to right click in FF

Older changes