Auto-detect sign in issues

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  • Use the alternative Checker Plus option: Adding accounts manually
  • Sign out and into each account again (Gmail cookies expire after account inactivity)
  • Blocking third-party cookies? Then allow this site (Instructions)
  • Deleting cookies? (ie. * You will have to re-sign into your Gmail
  • Disable anti-viruses (ie. Avast) they can cause network issues
  • Privacy or tracking extensions can mistakenly block Gmail cookies (ie. Adguard, Disconnect, CCleaner or Ghostery etc.) More info
  • Try changing Firefox's Tracking Protection to "Only in private windows"
  • Did you Ignore email accounts in Checker Plus options
  • Do not set this Chrome option Keep local data only until I quit my browser
  • Use the Latest stable versions
  • Did you use Gmail account activity > Sign out all other sessions? Just sign out & into your Gmail
  • Is your browser closed and still want notifications? Make sure you enable the chrome://settings/ > Advanced > "Continue running background apps when Google Chrome is closed"
  • Delegated accounts will not be detected because you are not officially signing into them: solution.
  • Using non-Gmail or custom domains that are not Google Apps then refer to this issue
  • Try restarting your browser
  • Try restarting your computer (OS updates might cause issues)
  • Last resort #1: Try clearing your cookies which might have become corrupted over time
  • Last resort #2: Try the Corrupt browser profile instructions