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Choose from 2 different methods to detect your email accounts in the Accounts / Labels options:

  1. Auto-detecting signed in accounts
  2. Adding accounts manually (Has some added benefits listed below)


  • Recommended for most users if you only use 1 Gmail account or if you frequently sign in and out of different accounts.
  • The extension will auto-detect when you sign in and out of your Gmail account

Adding accounts manually

  • Recommended for users with several Gmail accounts
  • Stays signed in even if you sign out of the Gmail webpage or switch accounts. More info
  • See all labels associated to each email
  • See label colors
  • Supports real-time Push Notifications
  • Support for Conversation view off
  • Click to show trimmed content or hidden quoted text
  • Clear cookies or use other privacy extensions without interfering with email detection
  • No formatting issues when replying within popup window
  • Unstar emails from the popup
  • Add accounts in the order you want them listed in the popup window
  • Voice and video emails
  • Supports the reply-to field
  • More compatible with other Gmail extensions (Uses thread id vs message id)