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Checker Plus for Google Calendar
400,000 utilisateurs
Affichez l'heure de vos prochaines réunions et la date d'aujourd'hui sur l'icône; obtenez des notifications d'événements sur votre bureau; ajoutez des événements à partir du menu sans jamais avoir à ouvrir votre calendrier dans un onglet; et de nombreuses autres options! 
• Trusted developer of many extensions - more than one million satisfied users worldwide
• Lots of features, options and updates - just read the version changes in the logs below
• Personal tech support from me (the developer) - very fast response times, 5-30 minutes
• I'll add your suggestions

Improve your productivity and your business with new features like this...
• Add events quickly with multiple ways...
 - Click on a day in the popup calendar or just type it into the quick add ex. Lunch with Mom 11am Sunday
 - Select the text on any page like "...dinner Aug 26th at 3:30pm..." and right click to add it automatically for that date!
 - Right click a webpage and add it instantly to your calendar for tomorrow or any day or time! Try it in Gmail ex. a friend emails you to play soccer tomorrow, reply to them, then right click and save it to your calendar. You can also use the popup calendar see video:http://youtu.be/hrrZa2egQDc
 - Use Chrome's address bar (Omnibox) to add an event by simply typing "cal" and then tab or space and your event title with the time or date: http://youtu.be/owtEUtueXp4
 - When viewing a Facebook event page the popup gives you the choice to add it to your calendar
• Desktop notifications "like Outlook" when your event occurs that you can snooze and with optional voice notification: Add a cooking timer that yells out "take out pizza!" See video: http://youtu.be/kimuIJ7re8o
• Sound and voice notification: Great for the visually impaired
• Supports Google Tasks
• Supports multiple calendars and Google Apps™ (for Business or Education) and hosted
• Option to run in background even when Google Chrome is closed
• Popup a calendar for the month, week, agenda view when clicking on the icon or customize your own view!
• Show the current date or day or time until your next event and preview details of your future ones right on the icon
• Lots of options that you can customize, most are free (95%) and the rest is upon donations of any amount because I've added those features by special requests
• Get reminders of your contacts' birthdays and events
• Drag and drop events to reschedule them in the month view
• Notification of events even when there is no internet connection with offline mode
• Gray out past days or highlight weekends
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