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  • I slowly re-enabled all my extensions like the other user to see if I can narrow down the culprit, but it appears that this issue is resolved. I have all my extensions enabled and have not seen the problem. Maybe disabling/enabling cleared the conflict somewhere? Thanks for looking into this.
    in Goes Blank Comment by keitaro May 7
  • Minimizing the number of enabled extensions seemed to do the trick. I am running Bitwarden, for example, but the issue has not come up since. FYI and thanks.
    in Goes Blank Comment by keitaro May 6
  • I do, so I will give disabling a try.
    in Goes Blank Comment by keitaro April 27
  • I am seeing this, too. I think it started when the extension got updated to 26.1.1. I have not changed anything else (that I can think of). Restarting the browser restores the view.
    in Goes Blank Comment by keitaro April 26
  • Jason, I sent you the email. I was not at 24.3 yet.
  • HTH. The code is missing on the screen as well as in the clipboard (thought maybe it was a display issue, but the extension fails to capture the entire OTP in memory too).
  • Hi Jason, I noticed a new version (Oct 24.3) so I eagerly updated for this fix. The extension still chops off the last digit of the OTP, unfortunately. My code came from SharePoint. I can share the screenshot if needed. Thanks.
  • You said "we," so I demand a royalty for every click on that button going forward! 🤑
  • Well, that was easy. Did I miss it in the documentation? Thanks.
  • I was poking around Brave settings and came across these two articles. May not be relevant, but I thought I'd share.
  • I don't have Chrome on my machine, but I can give it a try.
  • I would say a few hours. I log in, do normal browsing but not restarting, then after a while, I am logged off. I have not actually witnessed Checker Plus log off. I am logged off after a few hours of browsing and being idle. When I come back to my computer, I see that I am logged off. One scenario is that I start browsing…
  • Hi Jason, A slight improvement. Checker Plus Calendar still logs me out, but I am not fully logged out. I am asked to pick the Google account I want to use (there is only one), and once I select it, I am logged back in without entering the password. I sent you another log. Thanks.
  • Thanks. I first revoked Checker Plus Calendar's access to my Google account, re added my account in Checker Plus, regranted access to my Google account. I will let you know how this goes.
  • Hi Jason, I finally got to generate the log. I emailed it to you. Thanks.
  • Ok, I will work on that and get back to you. Thanks.
  • Yes. More details: I did clear Google cookies that I could find. I did not delete the entire cookie or content for google.com. Perhaps that is the next step? Also, I already have cookies allowed for [*.]google.com in the browser (not specifically mail.google.com or calenar.google.com as I am thinking * would take care of…
  • Following up on this issue. I cleared Google cookies (https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Auto-detect_sign_in_issues) from the browser to see if that helps. It did temporarily, but the issue is back. I am not sure why the issue only affects the calendar extension but not Gmail one. Thanks.
  • Thanks for the quick reply. Is there a thread on the X issue here that I can read (not sure how to call the issue)? I have not searched the Gmail section because I only see it on the calendar extension. I spoke too early. The issue returned. So the problem may not be extension related. Thanks for your help.
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