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  • That makes sense, and I can certainly understand if you decide not to make any changes based on this small audience.Unfortunately, I don't have a screenshot... the interface I'm referring to is the one in production prior to the current design. Ever…
  • Agreed. Please bring back the old interface where snooze options are present in the initial window and do not require hover to be shown.
  • My issue is not related to snoozing multiple events. It's more about the way pop ups work... move the mouse a little too far and the pop up disappears. Then you have to hover back over the snooze button.If the pop up for snooze times remained popped…
  • It appears that there are fans of the new UI with pop up for snooze options and the old UI where these snooze options were directly in the interface. I would like to see an option for the user to be able to select which style they prefer.
  • Hi Jason,I think I may have used the wrong terminology. Below is the window I'm referring to. In the old interface, the snooze options were present in this window without having to hover over the clock icon. (Image)
  • Thanks for getting this in. Excellent improvement!
  • Thanks for the quick reply! Please see screen shot below. The main reason this feature would be useful is because the clock on my machine will not always match where the notification is generated from or take into account how long it will take for t…
  • Is it possible to create snooze options like Outlook has? 5 minutes before, 10 minutes before, etc.
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