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  • Hi Jason, I just wanted to let you know, that right now, all of the sudden, without me doing anything, it started working again. Literally right now. I hadn't gotten a chance to even try your latest suggestion as I didn't have the time to get into i…
  • I am really trying to understand this article that you sent me, but I do not find any of the items on the steps that the article is talking about such as ‘inspect element' which is the 1st one, obviously, if I can't find that one, I certainly won't …
  • I only have the 3 and they were all disabled completely and still nothing :(
  • Not that I can think of. Chrome is up to date and I just clear all cookies, etc. I disabled all my privacy protections ( I have 3) on that page that you sent me before (https://mail.google.com/mail/mu/mp/) and I don't have any virus protection other…
  • Signing in and out of Gmail out of that page didn't work either. :( I signed out all the accounts and in again. Any other suggestions?
  • Yes, that page works.
  • Hello, Signing out of my Gmail accounts did not work. I also uninstalled it and re-install it again and still not working :(
  • https://jasonsavard.com/forum/uploads/932/E4VTDUFULPFA.png Sign out from Checker Plus or Gmail?
  • Restarting my computer worked. It's working fine now. I have to remember to do that too before contacting you if it happens again Thank you!!!
  • I restarted the browser. All the other extensions are working. And when I click on it, nothing really happens. I restarted the browser but I didn't think about rebooting my computer. I'm going to try that now.
  • I seem to be having a similar issue. I just noticed that when I clicked on my checker plus calendar button, it was not showing my calendar but hovering did show today's events although lagging as had already deleted several of them through out the d…
  • I have the exact same problem and it just started this morning. I uninstalled and re-installed it but still the entire first email. It's kind of annoying I have to click on it to see what the email is. Hope it's corrected soon. Otherwise, I'm loving…
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