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  • I've tried both New Look (Wide) and Old Look (with / without) customization. First one brings the overridden colors all right, bus messes up original calendar color. (for me the blue ones).The second option, messes up both! Here are the shots. New look . Old look
  • I change Chrome language to Persian, and it's done!The thing is all my other software aren't multi-language and I'm (like many others) used to using them in their original English interface. Checker Plus is only software (aside from business ones which are originally Persian) that I use in Persian interface. Anyway, thanks…
  • It would be a greatly helpful extension. I'd contribute in testing and translating it.
  • hey, 1. Can you take a look at the translation with place holder $1? I think in some cases, not having RTL, has massed them up. 2. Working with the translator app is a bit awkward. Can I have a file of all entries, so that I can translated it much more faster?
  • There are some sentences, in which a place holder needed, in Persian, but you don't have it in English, because (I guess), it's at the end of the sentence. Although, I have to put it in the middle to make sense. Well, they make sense this way, but they're very awkward. Can you do anything about them? If yes, I'll provide…
  • Don't worry about that. Lots of Iranians, including myself, are used to (and mostly prefer) English UI ! I'm doing the translations for the rest.
  • There are some words which mean differently in different places or need some other companian word. When I see the final UI, I can decide which is which. 1$ in minimumAmount really means 1 Dollar or it's a place holder?
  • OK, No problem :) I just started the translation. I'll let you know as soon as I'm done. I won't give up!
  • It detects the very first letter I type and sets the direction accordingly. Even if I change the language afterwards, the direction will remain the same, unless I change it myself by CTRL+ (right or left) Shift. Since I haven't programmed in years (worked as system analyst for so long), I can't tell you how it does it, but…
  • I believe you have to get it from OS, which is hard, because of the diversity, or from Chrome. Another way is to detect from keyboard, like ALT+Shift (which toggles language) or CTRL+Shift (which toggles direction). Otherwise, you may add a button for that and have the user do it. Some of other apps (like Gmail itself, in…
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