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  • Thanks, Jason! I changed settings in Google Calendar (language, date format, time format). American dates drive me crazy, so I chose international (YYYY-MM-DD), and (feeling lucky) selected 24 h time format. It seems like the only thing that actuall…
  • Final test for today: I emptied the cache and removed all the cookies. Checker Plus behavior is unchanged, though.
  • So I disabled 19 of my 20 Chrome extensions (the one left was Checker Plus), made sure Chrome was completely shut down, and tried again scrolling through events. As observed before, scrolling forward in time works fine today; no "stutters"…
  • I scrolled forward using the mouse wheel, very slowly. All the events showed up, no skipping. So there seems to be a problem with caching (?) events when scrolling quickly. Once all events have shown up properly (e.g., until the end of 2019), I can …
  • Thanks, Jason, I'll do just that! If there's anything I can do to help debug this, let me know!
  • Hi Jason, On the computer where I first saw the problem, I'm not using a skin. On this computer here, I'm using a cat image (does that count as "skin")? https://jasonsavard.com/forum/uploads/404/WNNM2WVKAEUD.png When I select August from t…
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