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Sebastian-Sascha Helfinger


Sebastian-Sascha Helfinger
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  • Problem Solved! It's indeed all the local DNS provider map table. Prior www.googleapis.com had the IP When I switch to (Via Hosts file). All works again!
  • https://jasonsavard.com/forum/uploads/321/DVWMGNKKJ7NT.png Yes... I made some more analyses about the "token" request which is from www.googleapis.com. If I ping them I get request timed out, so I thought I should maybe check other conne…
  • I get signed out of both (extension and browser) but not from my business account. 1.) I sign in browser 2.) I open Gmail and it ask for my Browser login password 3.) After opening email I add another account 4.) After max. 5 minuten I get login n…
  • I sign in with the browser and let the extension pick up the connection.
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