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  • Thanks, @Jason, that sure did fix it immediately. I don't understand it, though, because that version was already showing in vivaldi: https://i.postimg.cc/VkLH81WV/2020-03-24-20-51-44-extensions-5eca14fe4270.png
  • Not working here, on Vivaldi. Tried both Enabled and Disabled. https://i.postimg.cc/Kzc6pLsR/2020-03-24-19-54-21-flags-6d061e15e0ab.png Vivaldi 2.11.1811.49 (Stable channel) (64-bit) Revision cac8cb477e6de02013662fb5f48ac1a82bca666b OS Linux JavaS…
  • Ok, thanks Jason. I'll connect with the Slimjet devs and see if they will deal with it.
  • Thanks much, Jason. On Vivaldi, that option is not in the icon's right-click menu, but it is in the three-dot menu. It is in the Slimjet icon menu. I'm on Linux. Thanks again.
  • Ok. Thanks for the feedback. 
  • Yes, but that's not enough for quick identification. I'm usually doing something else, not necessarily on the computer though nearby, and cannot read the details. Also, I have the notify sound set differently on the two instances, which is a big hel…
  • Slimjet is usually a couple of versions of Chromium behind, so that they can make sure their amendments (and there are quite a few) do not conflict with the core. Lately that gap widened, though, because of the "Ok Google" mess they wanted…
  • I just set up a new user profile in Slimjet (Chromium), for a separate ebay account I use for buying. In setting it up and adding extensions I noticed the addition. :) Nice coincidence! (BTW I'm a $upporter. Very nice piece of work you've done.)
  • Thanks, Jason. Awesome! Blessings.
  • Thanks jason.
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