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  • That's quite easy! Thanks for the quick workaround @Jason Edit: BTW, I had no idea how much I was using the feature. I just use the plugin for the voice input, but I use it all the time now.  It's the only one that gives me suggestions for similar…
  • Hi @IUKSA, I tried to add the name of the extension but no matter what I put it always says Invalid. However, I still followed the rest of the steps:  • allowing developer extensions in Gmail settings  • enabling developer mode  • disabling and r…
  • Thanks a lot, I very much appreciate your help :)
  • By the way it came with some default extensions like Google Apps (Docs, Sheets, slides..) and Acrobat PDF but I disabled all again and only added checker plus for gmail.  there's no sync so I'm pretty sure the issue is not related to other extension…
  • I created a new profile and skipped the syncing. Singing into gmail signs me into Chrome at the same time, so I started to use another account, but either way, the issue persists. (Image)
  • Sorry if my screenshot didn't come through, but I tried to show how (and say) how I disabled all extensions with the exception of the Checker Plus for Gmail one but the issue persisted.
  • Hi! I tried refreshing a couple of times but cannot get it to come back.  I will admit I have a few extensions, but would like to stress that I have been using them for a number of months together without incident so far. So unless something changed…
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