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  • That would be also awesome (e.g., to have reminders and use google task date as "deadline" for the task), but I think not possible currently :-(
  • Hi Jason, Google Tasks has finally a quite nice integration with gmail and google calendar. I would be happy with an add-on to show a similar google task functionality in the browing as a brand new "Checker Plus for Google Tasks" ;-)
  • I also changed start and end times twice. No zoom currently. When I have some free time to test, I will try it.Best,
  • What do you want me exactly to check Jason?I have never developed an extension (yet :-) ) but I am able to inspect with chrome (I have developed webapps before).
  • Stable, 50.0.2661.94 m (64-bit)
  • Hi again,I tested hiding all events and no solved. By the way, chrome shows "hamburger" icon as updated, but this site always shows "You are using an old Chrome version. UPDATE CHROME" including a link to  https://support.google.…
  • Sorry, I forgot to do it Jason.Here are the captures: (Image)
  • Windows working again, I just don't know how. (Image) Today I'm working again with two screens again (laptop plus external monitor) after a few days. I have tried again only using one screen and the calendar extensions looks fine.
  • I can not see this option Jason. The options that appear are: "Checker plus for google calendar", "Configuración" (Setup?), "Eliminar de Chrome" (Chrome's Remove?), "Ocultar botón" (hide button?) and "Adm…
  • Too many festivos, yes ;-) but even working all the days the window does not fit the calendar cells.I cannot remember when it began to happen but could be a couple of weeks (not sure, maybe). (Image)
  • The popup window zoom changes (75% or any other) change in my system the size of the window but also the size of the calendar size, font size,... (it's a zoom as its option name promise ;-) ). I have not change my zoom or resolution recently. I am u…
  • Hi, I am already using (and contribute) to Google Calendar Checker. Integration with Google Task would be great. However, the thing I miss more is not integration with google calendar, it is integration with gmail (both are valuable, of course).I ha…
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