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  • As an aside, you're such a fantastic and responsive software engineer! As a former Internet & Software Product Manager, I only wish I had engineers on my team who were 1/2 as communicative!
  • Manually adding and staying signed in appears to solve the issue! I only have 1 gmail account signed in, I deleted the 2 unread emails and did a refresh, and they did delete! Hallelujah!
  • It's happening with every email coming in that I press delete or archive, and even reading the email in gmail checker does not mark that email as opened and read. Basically the email status is not getting changed by Gmail checker over to Gmail.
  • I've done everything on your list, including making sure conversation mode is checked (yes it is). I restarted again, reinstalled the extension again, quit and restarted gmail, the browser, and the same issue is happening. I don't know what else t…
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