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James Wilson


James Wilson
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  • You are so quick with replies, amazing support, and extension, thanks again. I figured this would not be possible due to support. I wanted to make sure and ask, again, I appreciate your response.
  • That was it, I knew I hadn't lost what's left of my mind (yet)! Thank you, Jason, quick and accurate as always and still a great addition to any browser, much thanks.
  • @ErelI may have done something wrong (copy/pasted first block of code from link into custom) but I did see a slight change so at least some of what I did worked however the image is still inverted so it looks like a negative (for YouTube emails) but…
  • @Erel So any way you know of the make images within Gmail stop inverting on a per sender or received from email address filter Erel? As shown in my first email the thumbnail is inverted making it hard to see but other inline images from other sende…
  • Just in case it helps I wanted to add this inverted image issue seems to mainly affect emails from YouTube so the video thumbnails within the emails is inverted but most of not all other images viewed in other emails are not inverted. That may offer…
  • https://jasonsavard.com/forum/uploads/643/XVQ3XWM04QOV.jpg https://jasonsavard.com/forum/uploads/211/WZ73R8AETRNV.jpg Dark makes the list of emails dark, pretty much everything and has blue buttons which is great, wouldn't mind if the purple text wa…
  • @Jason That was FAST, didn't expect to get a reply so quickly, thank you. I tried the other themes but sadly none of them are actually black/white as the one in use which works best for me with my vision issues (only have sight in one eye and somewh…
  • https://jasonsavard.com/forum/uploads/309/F6Q76KLB35NL.png
  • Hello Jason, Thank you for the quick and clear response, much appreciated. Being disabled I don't spend money too often but later today I will likely kick a little something over since I really want that dark theme so it is easier on my one working…
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