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  • @James Wilson As I said in the previous comment, you have to make sure to replace the top part with a color palette of any kind. Make sure to follow this comment ("How to use"): https://gist.github.com/E-RELevant/e7ab7359acd0c6b72bd4394a6d…
  • Well @James Wilson, there are a few methods to detect and invert text color, yet currently none of the existing dark themes support it. You can give a try to my new dark theme (which is yet to be part of the actual extension) by adding the following…
  • @Jason I uploaded the theme to GitHub for future updates. Can be found under https://gist.github.com/E-RELevant/e7ab7359acd0c6b72bd4394a6d7a6677
  • @Jason "As for the buttons in Inbox view (vs default Checker Plus view) there are not skins or themes that affect that look[...]" I just wanted to jump in and say that the main reason for that being the fact it currently impossible to appl…
  • Also, I gathered some material design colors which should replace the current contactPhoto colors (especially the current gray which is WAY too bright): • Red #E57373 • Pink #F06292 • Purple #BA68C8 • Deep Purple #9575CD • Indigo #7986CB • Blue #64…
  • Updated with #messagesHidden transition & progress-bar colors https://jasonsavard.com/forum/uploads/870/X5SRL7L09NBX.txt Same theme can be easily changed to fit any other color scheme. For example: This is "Dark Brave" theme- * {   --p…
  • Updated version with some minor fixes: • Menus border • White search text • labels alignment https://jasonsavard.com/forum/uploads/356/YQKJORUDEQIJ.txt
  • This is an image of the style mentioned above. https://jasonsavard.com/forum/uploads/030/10YAR56RO5N0.png
  • So I've created a new dark, so called "Midnight", theme with the limitations I had. Unfortunately, I couldn't replace even the 'compose' button to Google's new colorful plus icon (https://i.imgur.com/tZ2cZXy.png) since it's protected under…
  • A simple build I made for the extension popup https://jasonsavard.com/forum/uploads/419/Z8IRJ80KDK4D.png
  • @Jason That's exactly the problem. When you move to another tab, it does not turn green. And the tab you moved to doesn't get the bottom line that it should display. As seen below, I switched from the "Notifications" tab to the "Gene…
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