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David Durst


David Durst
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  • I think for now I'm good with the app. Lets see what happens with the next update on Chrome, If it gets really annoying I'll let you know. Thanks for the help.
  • My thought is there is lots of white space now so IMO that doesn't solve the issue. I'd almost rather open and close and open again it takes a few seconds but at least they show up correct now. I'm curious if this an app issue or chrome issue? Seem…
  • 5 new emails and same issue, so the re-install didn't fix anything. Ugh What I did find however, is once the issue happens if I click on the app to close the window and click a second time to open up it works the way it should So seems some race co…
  • Just un-installed and re-installed will see if this changes the behavior of the issue
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