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Chris Hynes


Chris Hynes
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  • Awesome, that's super useful and saves a ton of steps! Explain and Send Screenshots is the missing piece that let me use my Chromebook when I need to capture and/or annotate. I spent hours looking at other tools before I found it and nothing else w…
  • Thanks for the quick response! I hacked around a bit in editor.js in the debugger just to see if it was possible to push text. Seems to work like this using navigator.clipboard... $("#zoomIn").click(function() { changeZoom(1.5, 0.666…
  • What about doing it on a key combo? Is that enough user interaction to get past the permissions issue? Right now I have Ctrl+Shift+P mapped to take a screenshot which is freaking awesome. I'd love to be able to then hit Ctrl+Shift+C and have it dum…
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