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  • @Jason I got this bug on Edge. And no I can't replicate the bug right now. It would be weird, but it may be possible that one of my grouped tabs was causing the issue. Maybe some site was giving the extension trouble. I had some pdfs open and just normal sites so it seems far-fetched but I can't think of anything out of…
  • @Jason nope not that I can tell. I don't even have that many extensions (about 8). Something like BitWarden has been fine whenever I need it.
  • @Jason it may be related to number of tabs. I'm down to about 15 or so and it has stopped completely.
  • @Jason About 30 tabs. Most of them are in collapsed groups. But that's a good idea. I'll try removing some and see if that helps.
  • Hi Jason, sorry to bring up an older issue but I've been having this problem for weeks now. I did what you asked the other commenter and I removed all extensions except this one and I get the same bug where clicking the icon doesn't do anything. I've reinstalled many times as well. I am using Edge and am unsure if it is an…
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