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Scroll error

edited February 2014 in Checker Plus for Gmail
I'm using the chrome zoom in/out feature which is set to 125%. The preview window have two scroll bars and I cannot scroll to the bottom. I think the zoom feature may cause this bug. What about change the extension window size according to the zoom in/out size?




  • There's html content inside that particular email in your screenshot, try with a regular email with only text and let me know if the issue still exists?
  • It still exists as long as the e-mail is long enough.

  • edited February 2014
    I'm assuming you probably encountered issues with other extensions or webpages with a zoom?

    This won't be an easy fix on my end because I just noticed it also affects my calendar extension, I would have to rework the whole html in my popup window :(

    One suggestion I can propose is set your Chrome zoom back to 100% and set individual websites that you want zoomed by going to the Chrome menu > Zoom
    it will remember which pages are zoomed the next time you open them. In theory you can zoom all your most common pages, like Facebook, Google, Yahoo etc. and only the new sites you visit will you have to setup the zoom again.
  • I think since more and more people will have a high resolution screen, this problem may be common in the future. Some other extensions have the similar problem, but I check my mails a lot and use your extension frequently so I report the bug here.

    Do you think if resize the preview window according to the zoom in/out percent will work? 
  • ooh i found a solution I can use this in my css in popup
    html {zoom:reset}
    and it will make my popup normal again (no zooming)
    will that be ok? if the popup window is not zoomed?
  • I need to have the zoomed window otherwise the text is hard to see. I prefer to have the scroll error than the normal popup window.
  • Please don't add the reset zoom code. 
  • Good news I found  an alternative "mobile like" solution that will get rid of the bars and resize the screen accordingly. It will be released in version 16.5 (~1-2 weeks)
  • Great! Thanks a lot for your work!
  • This is issue is fixed in version 16.6 you can re-install it to force the update
  • Hey Jason.

    Does it make sense to prevent "middle-mouse-click" scrolling on this iteration, seems unusual. User expects the popup to be "menu-like" window with options. And pressing the middle mouse still allows scrolling...

  • I think middle mouse clicks might be OS/mouse dependant, but can you send me screenshots of current behaviour and expected behaviour. Note: I have not purposely changed anything concnering mouse activity, I only removed the scrollbars by changing widths/heights of window relative to Chrome page zoom feature.
  • edited March 2014
    Hello Jason!

    Here are the screenshots: 


    the black pointer appears on windows in browsers when user triggers mouse scroll (middle button)

  • Thanks for the all feedback, essentially my popup code could be optimized or reworked but i've been focusing on just adding features, the reason for the right side space is so for the email preview transitions to slide left/right and the tricky thing is coding "within" a Chrome extension popup window/frame it behaves much differently than within a regular browser tab/window
  • Finally, the extension works perfectly! Thanks for fixing this bug!
  • My pleasure - and I even added this option you can play with now at the bottom of the "Display" options...
    Popup window zoom: Auto --25%50%75%100%110%125%150%200%
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