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Suggestion: support "back" mouse button (if possible)

Hello again! :-)

When opening a mail in Checker Plus, I always have to move the mouse to the top left corner to click the "back" button. It would be great if you could support the "back" mouse button in the extension. It works perfectly in Chrome itself (for browsing), so hopefully it'll work in the extension, too!


  • Chrome extension's windows close the minute you try to click anything outside of it, sorry a Chrome limitation.
  • Outside? I meant the "back" button in the Checker Plus window (to move back from a mail to the list of mails).
  • oh what is the mouse back button? do you mean when you right click and select "Back" ?
  • Oh, sorry, looks like I didn't explain properly. Here's an example of a mouse featuring a "back" (and "forward") button. You can use it for browsing (very handy!) or whatever else it's useful for... ~99% of all software supports it and I would love for Checker Plus to support it too (e.g., for moving back from an opened mail to the list of mails). :-) Many years ago it has become something every mouse I buy needs to have.

  • ok it's a good idea, i'll see what I can do, thanks for the image.
  • actually just curious if you use the back button right now in the extension popup windows, does the current webpage in the background go back instead?
  • Good to hear!

    No, Chrome behaves and as long as the extension popup window is in focus it'll just do nothing. :-) Only when you move the mouse away from the popup window the back button acts on the browser page.
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