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Android version?

Hi Jason,

I really love your Chrome Extension Checker Plus for Google Calendar. The Snooze feature is amazing and quite rare in other extensions.

I use this mainly at work to remind me of meetings and so on.

At home I mostly use std. Google Calendar on my Android tablet for private reminders plus a Snooze app (Calendar Snooze) with which I am not always happy.

Question: Are there any plans to code an Android app in the style of Checker Plus, especially with it's snooze features?

I wouldn't hesitate to pay five Euro for it.

Greetings from Hamburg, Germany,


  • I wasn't aware that Android app didn't have a snooze ability? I don't own a cellphone so development will be challenging :)
    Can you send me screenshots of an event on the Android and what actions are possible?
    Have you searched for other google calendar apps on the Android?
  • No Android app for google calendar has the functionalities like your chrome extension. I would at least love to have my snoozed events synced back to google calendar, so I can get proper reminders on my android as well. And you won't have to develop an android app.
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