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Snooze button on hover


I saw there was an update to move the snooze buttons only on hover.
It's cool but it's not very useful when there are many events listed. For example I have 5-6-7 events popping in once and it's much harder to snooze with specific time with the new method.
Is there a way to use either of the methods or it's only the new one?



  • Yeah i'm fiddling around with this one, i like the cleaner look as opposed to inserting 10 snooze buttons all over (which are not as frequently used as the dismiss button)
    If you can suggest a better look that suits both ways let me know.
  • Thanks for the comment.
    Well I'm probably from that group of people that snooze more often than dismiss (need to revise my schedule :P ).

    An option is - if some of the listed events is snoozed -> the others get the old style - i.e. snooze faster once you started snoozing.
    If you just dismiss - keep the new style.
    So dynamic change of the UI.

    I hope it helps. :)
    And thanks for the amazing plugins!
  • +1. I also preferred the old UI where I could click 5 mins. I suffer from the same calendar management affliction that Simeon does apparently. What about:
    - specify one time amount as a button (say 5 mins, but could be user-specified), 
    - the rest available as hover options on a separate snooze other button, and
    - still keep dismiss button.

    I would guess the most frequent click by users after dismiss is the smallest time increment, but curious to hear if that's not the case. I'd also bet that many recovering Outlookers use snooze a ton since many of us take the calendar-as-to-do-list approach to our day. Burying the time increments in the hover makes it a lot more cumbersome to use, as Simeon points out, particularly if you have a number of events to snooze/dismiss.
  • edited December 2015
    Also, I should add: Jason, thank you for making and maintaining Checker Plus. Google Calendar is awesome in many ways, but also has many shortcomings (e.g., notifications, no easy way to propose new time) and Checker Plus is a huge improvement over Google's off-the-shelf features. Keep up the great work! -Pat
  • @patrickflemming

    great feedback, the advantage we have over outlook is that whatever you propose i can do and almost instantly! the issue is that I must accommodate the majority of my users including me :) Please submit to me screenshots or mockups or potentials solutions, as that is the hardest part of my development (the design)
  • How about something like this mockup? The "5m" could be user-specified in settings (5m by default) and the "OTHER" could use the same hover approach you currently have productized. I think this design addresses your goal to move most of the buttons (most unused) to behind the hover, but also maintains quick/easy snooze functionality for those of us who snooze a lot of events all day long. Let me know what you think.

  • @patrickflemming

    nice design, except users will attempt to mouse over the 5m and might have to go over the "Other" which will display all options and hide the 5m option.

  • I thought of that, too -- good point. What about a drop-down instead of a hover-over for other? That would solve the obscuring problem. 
  • The more I use it, the more I like the old design. :(
    We still have good margin (unused) between the lines - can we just have checkbox in the settings to chose which is more suitable for our personal needs?
    All else seems more complex than needed.
  • lol, that's funny cause i was just thinking the opposite the more I use the hover technique the cleaner the event and details especially with long even titles and/or events with links etc.
    i will definitely keep this discussion open and I may resort to a "sticky" snooze option but again I don't know how i'll integrate that. Maybe screenshots of how other calendar systems/apps etc. note that I personally love the hover because it has the ability to present large snooze options which are not possible by squeezing them into the current layout.
  • My impulse is to click snooze cause i just want to get 5 more minutes (kind of like an alarm clock). If the hover showed below the button i could use the default or a more specific value. I keep hitting an arbitrary number of hours as well :(

    Otherwise i love your tools!
  • @stephen.williams

    Hmm that gave me an idea perhaps I could move the hover options a bit to the left (like below) and if you "click" on the snooze icon it will default to a 5min snooze, good?
  • Or just keeping old way as an personal option from settings.
    For example I'm barely using 5 min snooze.
  • Jason I like your idea.  Hover options to the left with a default 5 min snooze.  
  • > Please submit to me screenshots or mockups or potentials solutions, as that is the hardest part of my development (the design)

    Good to know!
  • Jason, I like your suggestion that a click on the snooze icon would be a default time (say, 5 mins). I was also thinking you could replace the new trash icon with a duplicate of the snooze icon but with a number X replacing the Z, where X is set by the user (say, 5 mins). How many users are trashing events vs. just dismissing them? I would expect most people are just dismissing. (Just got your most recent update, btw.)

  • Re: Delete, Well some users use their calendar as task or note system (i also sometimes) and they prefer deleting such items on the go to keep the calendar clean.

    The 5 min default is pretty accessible now, here's a sneak preview coming soon.
  • @jason.savard, cool, makes sense re: delete. When you say the "5 min default is pretty accessible now", do you mean by the hover-over menu? Or in some other way? I looked through settings to see if you'd changed any of the snooze time options, and I couldn't find any new ways to adjust the UI. Were you referring to the screenshot of a coming release? If so, cool! Looks like a click on the snooze button will be the default time (user-defined)? Is that right? 
  • @patrickflemming

    yeah i was referring to the unreleased screenshot version,
    but user-defined - not yet, i like proceeding incrementally as it is with use that we/I identify other problems/solutions.
  • @jason.savard, awesome, sounds great. Looking forward to the next release. Thanks for the quick responses, and keep up the great work! -pat
  • @jason.savard, just noticed the 5 mins default snooze button update. Nice! Great update!
  • OK so... can't we get just the hours not on hover, but visible as before by some setting?
    I'm finding it very odd to snooze 10 events with different time with hovering each of them.
    Am I really the only one? :)
  • It appears that there are fans of the new UI with pop up for snooze options and the old UI where these snooze options were directly in the interface. 
    I would like to see an option for the user to be able to select which style they prefer.
  • edited January 2016

    If the issue is snoozing many events for the same time you can use the snooze "all" at the top as shown in screenshot.

  • My issue is not related to snoozing multiple events. It's more about the way pop ups work... move the mouse a little too far and the pop up disappears. Then you have to hover back over the snooze button.
    If the pop up for snooze times remained popped up until a selection was made, that would resolve my issue.
  • @Jason, the issue in my side is that I want to snooze the events with a different time.
    Hovering each of them (after I moved the mouse away because of the previous snooze) is really a bigger issue than having popup look cleaner (with hidden snooze buttons).

    I understood it looks more modern, but it's less effective IMO.

  • Agreed. Please bring back the old interface where snooze options are present in the initial window and do not require hover to be shown.
  • @greg.wright

    If someone can provide me with both functional and "nice" design integration screenshots I will contemplate it, but this new design has been out for a month now and the comments are minimal and held mainly between the 2 of you for now - I usually wait for more comments before "splitting" the design with options and adding complexity that may not be in the largest interest.
  • That makes sense, and I can certainly understand if you decide not to make any changes based on this small audience.
    Unfortunately, I don't have a screenshot... the interface I'm referring to is the one in production prior to the current design. Everything was in the main window with no hover.
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