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Adding event from the extension - notifications are missing


I'm sorry if this was discussed already, but I didn't find an answer.

Adding a new calendar event from the Crome extension dialog is NOT generating any further notifications, which is simply not cool. :)

Before some versions, there was a dropdown to select after what time it will be active (or similar).
Now this dropdown is missing and I don't have a choice.
After adding the event, it's stored locally and online, but without a hour saved.

I checked now, I have 3 events from last couple of days and none of them popped out.
While events created from my phone/google calendar are working perfect with the extension.

Thank you.


  • PS - I tried to remove and add again the extension and I also made a donation to unlock some of the other cool features - but no result.
  • When you re-added the extension (make sure not to load the previous installation settings)
    also verify this
    another note: yes i removed the dropdown because it was not popular and it was duplication of functionality that already existed by simply typing in the details. ie. dinner at 2pm or simply clicking a day in the calendar and entering dinner 2pm would work also.
    let me know exactly what are the details of the event you are testing for a notification to appear
  • Thank you for your reply.

    Seems that I missed the ".. at 2pm" part when adding an event. I was from the few people using the dropdown. :)

    However, if I make a typo, like "test event in 20 mim", it is added without a time and acts like in my first post - missing feature notifications.
    I guess some default period, like 1 hour (or/and can be modified from the settings) will be good workaround.
    Because there are cases when it can happen now.
  • For typo issue, I display a confirmation of the event title and time in a little yellow bubble after creating, make sure to double check it, i make the same mistakes also sometimes :)

    For 1 hour period you can change globally via the Google Calendar settings or per event using the Google Calendar settings but currently you can't change that popup period in my extension, it only syncs with your Google Calendar settings.

    For the missing notifications for "all day" today events, it used to notify you right away if you created (or accidentally) an "all day" event today, but it was annoying because my girlfriend for example always creates events today for "all day" and right away she would get notification for that event.
  • I checked it twice.

    Let me give you an example:
    "test one day" -> confirm dialog
    "test 20 mim" -> added without time -> http://prntscr.com/2rijm0
    "test 20 min" -> all good -> http://prntscr.com/2rijsn

    And here is how they look like in the extension: http://prntscr.com/2rijy8

  • ok so those are working as expected, correct? (at least they are working as i expect them)
    except i'm not sure why you use the words "one day" in the "test one day" but i guess you mean "test allday event", right?
  • "test one day" is an example of a mistake when the extension corrects me (with a confirm dialog to add it for tomorrow)
    "test 20 mim" is an example of a mistake, but the extension did not corrected me and it's added without time (also notifications are missing)
    "test 20 min" is cool :)

    As I know how it works now it's fine and cool.
    The problem is that if for some reason someone added "test event" or any other phrase without any mention of time, it is added and the notifications are not working (also there isn't a confirm/warning dialog).
  • ok i think we understand each other,
    but on your last point...

    when you enter "test event" for today then correct, there will be no notification.
    but if you enter "test event" for tomorrow or after then yes there will be a notification
  • edited February 2014
    I'm not sure I can get your point. :P
    Let me explain it in that way:
    1. In the input I'm adding "test event' - http://img593.imageshack.us/img593/536/0tks.png
    2. Hit "Save"
    3. The "test event" is created in the today's calendar box and I never get notification for it

    If I use something like "test event 1 hour" - it works perfect.
    Now when I see, I have at least 10 events added without a time (from last 2-3 weeks) and I never got a notification/email for them.
    And for me this can lead to many problems (like missing the notification :P )
  • ok i'll give different examples...

    if you enter "test event" -  no notification (because the event will be added for today's date ... and i programmed the app to stop displaying notifications for allday events that are created on the same day as today)
    if you enter "test event tomorrow" - you will get a notification tomorrow morning (because this event is schedule for tomorrow)
    if you enter "test event thursday" - you will get a notification thursday morning (because this event is scheduled for thursday)

    let me know if this makes sense.
  • "no notification (because the event will be added for today's date ... and i programmed the app to stop displaying notifications for allday events that are created on the same day as today)"

    Ok that one is making it clear.
    Thank you for the explanation.

    If my (single) opinion matters - the dropdown was cool thing.
    One of the problems now is that I cannot use different language when I need to add also notification (because the time is defined with typing).
    And event without notification is pointless for me (the quoted example). :P

    But I understand that there are many variants and none is perfect for all users. :)
  • glad we finally understand each other.
    but let's see if i can help still...

    what is an example of something you type (in your language) ? ... maybe i can try to get that working :)
  • Ah, not so important anyway.
    If you plan to involve more languages, I'll be glad to give you translated phrases for my one.
    But for now all is perfect.
    Really the best calendar plugin available.
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