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Not more notification since the update


Since the update version, I don't have any more notification. I have try to reset all the folders, files, revoke the permissions, still the same. 



  • This is back now again.
  • I pushed an update maybe this sometimes has been known to cause issues with Chrome's extension updates, try re-installing the extension.
  • Hello. I just started to use your app, Jason, and that seemed simply perfect to me. Now despite the fact that I've marked the folder to receive updates, and also included the files that are shared with me but not in my drive for the notifications, I've received no notifications about the updates. Am I missing something?
  • edited October 2015

    The basic criteria for the notifications to appear is the following:
    1) Enable the notifications for that folder
    2) Someone not you who has shared access must modify or create files within that folder
    3) Wait 30 minutes or less and the notification should appear
  • Thank you for such an operative reply. I'd like to specify the 2nd requirement: Does moving an existing file from one's Google Drive to the shared folder that I want to be notified about counts?
  • @raganeenC
    yeah sorry for the quick responses, i'm always in the midst of programming more features :)
    the key is "you" are moving/modifying the files, "you" will NOT be notified.
    The purpose of the notifications is to be notified if someone else has modified your files.
  • Thank you for your quick responses, they are highly appreciated. I had created and shared a folder where my colleague moved in a file; I didn't get notified..
    However, in some cases I received both - desktop notifications and information in the browser. While the first one provided good information, I couldn't quite understand where exactly have the indicated changes be done (we have a file structure with folders in folders).. How you advise on how to detect the location on where the updates have been done? There are some lines in bold, but it does not correspond the updated ones..
  • @raganeenC

    Should there have been notifications you will see a count on the button, and then upon clicking the button popup window you'll see a new category called Notifications.
    Once you've clicked the button though I these changes are cleared so there is no kept log, this could be a future development. You did refer to the detection of "folders" i can't remember if my code detects that, but definitely "files"

  • Ok, thank you for the response. Next time will pay attention on such category.
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