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Change Icon?

I cannot say for anyone else but my Checker Plus for Google Drive has always been greyed out. It appears "off". Can this be changed to a colored icon?



  • it's the same color as my Gmail icon way to the left :)
    but it is on, there is a much paler gray which does indicate if it's off (but only the gmail one)
  • The Gmail icon is grey when there is no email -- that makes sense. And, my eye tends to disregard the grey until the icon turns red.

    The Checker Plus icon, for me, is always grey. Since my eye tends to ignore the grey I wind up using Google Chrome's in-built Google Drive app, and that, at best, is clunky.

    I do not know what else Google Drive Checker Plus does because all I need it to do is to enable me to create a new document or to open my Google Drive.

    If there are other bells and whistles that change the color of the icon I am not aware of them.
  • for the drive checker, no. it may have an indicator of modified files if you enable that in the options
  • That pops up a notification so I disabled it. I don't share files nor do I allow anyone to send me theirs.

    Aw well. I shall live with it as is. Thank you, Jason.
  • I'd like a choice of colors on the icon as well. I have a lot of extensions and need something other than dark grey
  • I am afraid I dont use this Google Drive, but Checker Plus has the option to upload a custom icon set for notifications.

    I guess its not the same thing though, but do agree that the grey colours,
    especially if they are used for notifiers usually indicate no email or whatever..

    A set of three that point to the various states, would I guess, be useful.

  • @elise.moore @peter.gibb & all

    Since this suggestion received lots of comments I decided to develop it and add it in the latest version 7.0
    (you can wait for it or force the update with a re-install of the extension)
  • edited September 2015
    Thank you for this useful extension!

    I don't know if this is related, but I have a Chromebook on which the address bar icon won’t appear. The button is there—it just looks like a blank space until you hover over it, upon which it pops out (like all buttons do when hovered over), but there's no icon—just a blank button.

    When desktop notifications are turned on, the number of changed documents appears in red on the button, but there is still no icon there. 

    I've installed it on several Chromebooks and had this problem, though on other Chromebooks it's worked fine. Opening the window, restarting, and clearing the cache have not helped. 
  • Have you tried re-installing the extension?
  • I have. The second time I uninstalled, rebooted, and reinstalled—same issue.
  • @PhilMac

    Ah is it possible you are not using a stable Chrome version to run my extension - refer to this http://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Unstable_channel_of_Chrome
  • No—it's a stable release.
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