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I keep coming up against the same problem, with my window rarely opening - I've attached a screenshot of the issue, but it's normally a finer line opening all the way across the top, and not extending down. I think the apps brilliant, so any fix would be hugely appreciated.

I use the Chrome browser (as in picture), it happens in any tab, on occasion it does open for me but more often not. If you need more information, please ask! :)




  • Which version of the extension are you using?
    Also do you have many files or not many files listed when that windows does actually open correctly?
    Try changing the folder to a different folder with less or more (opposite) and see if the issue is different.
  • Hi Jason,

    Thanks for getting back to me. The extension is 6.0.22.

    When it opens correctly there could be any number of folders or files, depending on which folder I was last in and it closed on - I haven't noticed any difference in success based on the number of files or folders in the open window. I've had a look quickly to try and specify the folder in which it opens every time but I haven't been able to find that option, if there is one.

    I've just been playing around more with the number of folders and files in view and it's now opening almost every time - I'm not sure what that might mean. I'll keep using and if the problem starts to recur more often again I'll let you know.

    Thanks again.


  • Hi Jason,

    I'm glad to say the issue yesterday is happening relatively little, but unfortunately now I can't see any files or folders! See attached screenshot of the folder in the background open but in the dropdown extension an empty folder.

    I've tried refreshing - what other troubleshooting steps can I take?

    Again, thanks for any help you can give.


  • First step re-install the extension
    Go into the options and revoke access
    then go back to the popup and grant access again
    then click the "My Drive" folder (I assume you have some files there at least)
  • Heya, 

    Done this and sadly the problem persists.
  • ok i've pushed a possible fix for window size issue to v6.0.23, you'll have to re-install the extension to force this update. let me know how it goes.

    for the empty folder issue .. is this happening for every category you click ie. My Drive, Recent, Starred etc.
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