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Refreshment of files

I have a suggestion : Now, you have to click on the button "Refresh" to refresh files you have in the folder. What about an automatic refeshment as fast as "Cheker Plus for Gmail" for all the folders "My Drive", "Shared with me", "Starred" and "Recent"? 


  • Actually the automatic refresh rate is 30 minutes.
  • To me it doesn't work at least on "Recent" folder. Today, I had to refresh it by myself, whereas I have docs, created more than one week ago, which didn't appear. :/ 
  • Is it possible to turn on the option "real-time automatic  refresh" I usually get a notification only after 5 minutes.

  • Eventually, maybe yes, but i found that when someone is in the process of updating a document, you would get notifications every second while they are in the processing of adding content to it, and thus the 5 minute interval provides a better summary. But your welcome to paint a different picture or provide me with your experience.
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