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Easy SPAM Button

great tool,

It will be great to have the Spam button on the email preview option.

I get a lot of spam and i will like to easy mark it as spam


  • It was not frequently used, so I moved into the email preview window into the menu at the top right (just like android Gmail app does it)

  • yes im aware of that, but it require two steps for something is really need it to be one step.

  • I agree with the OP. I too get loads of spam & the one click action was perfect. Now two clicks. Not earth shattering, just retrograde IMHO
  • @jason ME TOO, I agree with the OP. I too get loads of spam & the one click action was perfect. Now two clicks. Please dont go the google way of making things prettier but useless, just make them more FUNCTIONAL. thanks.
  • @eze.v

    Always refer to my changelog as that was re-added in version 19.0.9 and the latest version is now 19.0.10
    Also read Update instructions for partial rollouts
  • Any chance of getting the spam button of the full  view as well ?
  • @Ron

    It's available via the menu in the full email view, but I don't think i'll be moving it with the main buttons.
  • There's plenty of space :)

  • @Ron

    Exactly :)
  • i want the spam button VISIBLE, not only when i open the main bubble (i know its there again), but ALSO when i open the mail itself, if not i have to make 2 clicks. please, thanks.
  • Me too :)

    Should the two sets of icons not be exactly the same (except for arrows) ?
  • edited July 2015

    Here's my 2 cents on the spam button in the email preview...
    1) I barely get any and that might be the majority
    2) Filters could be set for it.
    3) Most spam is easily detectable from the subejct, sender or snippet from the email listing view
    4) The chances that you do you get to the email preview because you are still uncertain it is spam - then there is the Menu > Mark as spam

    But I would not waste the default real estate on a button that is statistically proven from my old design as barely used.
  • Jason,

    Workflow wise, I tend to hit spam from the notification window myself. (How I would love to have more than two options there, but I know the limitation).

    I rarely need to hit it from the popup, but my line of thinking is muscle memory, the menus should be the same because otherwise It takes longer to process.


    Great to have these types of discussions.


  • edited August 2021

    @Jason, Can you create a general-use "select all" box to mass select emails in your extension? I feel that would make the extension more productive and would love to see it added. Thanks for all you do! :)

    Example screenshot above. (When you click the "select all" box in gmail a separate menu with buttons such as "mark spam" show up)

  • edited August 2021

    The bulk mark spam button is one of the most used in my day to day email checking. :)

  • @Savannah Pehrs Ok I could add a "Mark all as spam" button similar to the "Mark all as read" in the options.

  • @Jason That would be awesome! :)

  • @Savannah Pehrs Good news this has been added in v22.9

  • Thank you @Jason ! You’re the best!!

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