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Calender Quick Add context menu - add with the webpage link


I have suggestion to further improve the calender extension. I really like it and have been using it for a while, but what I miss sometimes is that when I quick add a date/time for an event at a webpage, it doesnot capture the weblink of the page. I need a weblink back to the page so that I refer to the further details for the same. Please implement it, it would be of great help.

Keep up the good work, already donated for this addon and have been using two of your other addons also.


  • This feature already exists :)
    Either through the popup widow or by right clicking any page anywhere and selecting Checker Plus for Google Calendar > tomorrow (for example)

  • Yaa.. I have done that.
    Thing is when I add a link, it doesnot allow to change the description of the event. Can we do something to deal with that ?
  • I'm confused, because you can change the description from the create event popup window that I attached in the previous screenshot. It initially places the link there but you can cursor to the end and add your own text there also.
  • Thanx man !! 
    I got what I wanted.
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