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"Email selection..." from context menu

I'm often sending snippets of webpages to friends and colleagues. It would be nice to have Checker Plus not only let you send the webpage via email, but eventually send a selection with the page link.


  • oooh good idea, i could use that to highlight content within a page that I find interesting and send it to a friend, i'm on it..
  • Glad to hear you like the idea! It would be great to add the Page Title as the email Subject; format the text as a "quote"; and add the source page as a link "From: URL". Also, having the option to send it as text or as rich text (in case I also want to include the graphics, the embedded links or something).
  • i've lovin this feature, it'll be available in the next update 18.1.37
  • ps i couldn't get the rich text working, but you can use my screenshot extension for that :)
  • Your screenshot extension is great, but sometimes you really do want to keep the embedded URLs in the text or something.

    One dirty work-around might be: once you have selected what you want to share from the webpage, it not only is sent to a "composed email", but it is also copied into my computer's clipboard (a good ole, automatic CTRL+C). 

    At this point I have my composed email in front of me, with the simple text contents already selected (as if it were a CTRL+A in the email body). Now if I want I can send the email as is, or I can manually paste (CTRL+V) the rich text version previously copied into my clipboard. This could be featured as an option, if not everyone wants the selection automatically copied into their clipboard.

    Dunno if that makes sense, if it's possible, if it's useful... in any case just the possibility to have "Email selection..." from the context menu will be great! Looking forward to 18.1.37!
  • Awesome! 
  • how do i use this? i can't find the button for it. thanks
  • @bfg67
    Just select text on any webpage and right click the page. Make sure have atleaset version 19 of my extension. 
  • great, thanks. I have never used the right click to email page link (always clicked on extension icon and through there), but i will now! 
  • How about adding a context menu item "Email selection..." if there's text selected on the page?
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