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Option to 'follow' folder or file

Is there a way to 'follow' a folder or file so that if new documents are added to the folder I will get an email? Can I choose the threshold for said notification (modified document, added document, modified by someone else, viewed by someone else) and how often to get the notification (at event, end of the day, end of the week).

For instance I would like some people to be able to follow a folder and others to follow a particular files (getting notifications when I change a particular file).

The only option I can find is to get a notification when any file in my entire google drive is change and that isn't really useful.

I am thinking on the right hand side of the file/folders lists where you can click for 'delete' you should have another option 'follow' and if you click follow a menu opens with options depending on whether you are following a folder, folder with sub-folders, or a file.


  • It's a good suggestion, my first step in this direction was adding a Mute button on the notification to exclude certain files, but i'll have to think of the next easiest enhancement. just curious how google drive does it with emails notifications ?
  • within G sheets we use email notifications when changes are made to certain cells.I don't know of any automatic sharing with in Drive currently. 
  • I agree.  For people that have many folders that are shared and updated constantly it would be a huge help to pick and choose which folders to mute and which to follow.
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