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Suggestion: "Send page link" should be included in the "Gmail popup window"

so i dont need an extra click to go to the "checker plus pop up window" when i have selected "gmail pop up window" by default in my settings. I have this setting on purpose so its faster to send a new mail, but i dont want to lose "send page link" to have it handy...


  • ok it's a good suggestion, but can I suggest to you to stop using the all CAPITAL LETTERS in the subject lines of your posts ;)
  • I configured the settings to open the pop-up when there's unread mail, but go to gmail when no unread. May I suggest implementing this by adding a simple "Send Page Link" bellow the "Compose" item at the extension's button right-click.

    I wonder if it would it work if I add a javascript to the "Quick Contact"... 

    Kudos on the extension!
  • @ramenendez good suggestion, hmm i could even add it any page's context menu (not just the button's context menu)
  • You'll be glad to hear I have added this in version 18.1.14 Update instructions
  • edited August 2022
    1) i have:

    -email link
    -email link to x

    but i dont have:

    -email link to x "with message"

    2) it would be nice if you add to the "gmail pop up window" the quick actions of the "checker plus pop up window", like: delete, spam, mark read, send page link, etc...so i dont need to open each mail to decide what to do...

    or if not, add "compose mail within the pop up" on the "checker plus pop up window".
  • edited August 2022
    the email link to x "with message" is available when you right click on a "page" (not from the button)

    but there are already action buttons (without having to do a right click)
  • edited August 2022
    you didnt get it:

    1) in that window you show, there s no way to "compose mail" WITHIN the pop up, it always open another heavy stuff...

    2) i have "send link" and "send link to x' in the "right mouse click", but no "with a message".
  • 2) page, WITH MESSAGE doesnt appear.
  • so 1) is basically difficult to make in the same pop up WITH also quick buttons?
  • Did you enable the quick contact? more info http://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Quick_contact
  • yes, just the last action is missing "with message"
  • please send me a screenshot?
  • how t do fast?
  • Windows+PrintScr then paste it here
  • perhaps i need t restart pc? for that t appear?
  • hmm strange maybe there is a limit because you have a lot of other menu items from other extensions?
  • oh i figured it out the "with message" is only available if you use the adding accounts manually method - http://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Account_sign_in_methods
  • ok, but i prefer not to mess around with that "adding manually" i cant understand the differences correctly...

    and what about integrating "compose mail" within the pop up instead of having to go to "switch to inbox"?
  • The link I sent about that should answer all the questions, it would be very difficult
  • ok thanks
  • Jason, thank you!  I love this new feature!  
  • @eliezer.broder Thanks for the support and thank you EZE for the suggestion :)
  • Hi Jason, sorry to revive and old thread.  I don;t seem to be able to find the "Email Page Link..." in the context menu from the BUTTON, as pictured here: 


    It's in the context when right-clicking on a page, but not in the menu button. Here's a pic from my own menu:


    Thanks in advance!

  • @ramenendez

    Yeah will have to update that image, Chrome has set a limit to the menu items so I had to remove/move the "Email page link" from the button and just leave in the page right click context menu. Personally I think it's more intuitive anyways when you want to send a page.
  • Oh, I see.  I would tend to think the opposite...  lol

    But, just because:
    1)  I go to the button for all my email needs
    2)  The page context menu is overcrowded with many apps options
    3)  The page context is like 2 additional steps

    Just my 2 cts. No biggie if it's been requested like that or you feel it's better implemented.

    Thanks again for the great extension and awesome support! :)
  • BTW, are you talking about the 


    I think you can squeeze 6 items, not 5. 

    Me, myself, I hardly use the Refresh, Quick Contact or DND ones... But I digress... =/
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