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Feature request - do not disturb in context menu


I really enjoy using your GMail Checker Plus, but there  is a feature missing from it that is present in the default Chrome notifications - do not disturb.

On the Chrome notifications, if you right-click over the taskbar icon, you are given do not disturb options (for the next hour, or indefinitely), if selected, no pop-ups will appear for the chosen time-frame. It would be really useful to have these options in the right-click context menu of the icon for Checker Plus.

Is there any chance this functionality can be added please?



  • Actually I am working on exactly this feature :) will be available in the next version and I will also be fixing this issue https://jasonsavard.com/forum/discussion/956/mute-not-working#latest
  • Thanks Jason. That's great.
  • edited January 2015
  • Thanks Jason. I just checked it out. It works great. Thanks again for your quick response!
  • I love the new DND feature!!!  Might it be possible to add more times in the context menu (2 hours, a couple more) - or allow a specific amount of time (e.g. 95 minutes) to be entered?

    Also, I would suggest that the icon shouldn't turn red at all when new mail was received while in DND mode.

    Great work!
  • Yes I agree. I would love to set a specific amount of time like 30 minutes for DND. I like to use a pomodoro workflow and having it set for something shorter would be awesome!

  • @eliezer.broder and @leland.smith
    your wish is my command, I will be adding 30 minutes and the 2 hours options in the next version and therefore promote the pomodoro technique ;)
  • Thanks Jason! :)
  • Jason, this is truly impressive customer service!

    How hard would it be to allow the user to enter a time of their own choosing (e.g. 25 minutes)?

    Also, what are you thoughts on my second idea above about making the DND button not even change to red?  (I really would like that a lot.)

    Thanks so much!
  • @eliezer.broder let's see how this change improves the experience first and wait for more comments
  • Understood.  Otherwise, the only alternative is for me (and those like me) to hide the button, which I really don't want to do, since I like having it there for when I want to quickly compose a new email - or check email.
    OK, thank you!
  • @eliezer.broder actually if you don't care about the "red" mail icon indicator you can custom your icons for all states "read", "unread" etc. to the same gray icon, more info here http://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Button_icon#Add_your_own_custom_icons
  • PLEASE! PLEASE! make a thing that you can log out one email account at a time!!!! My wife is in a tourism bussiness and has a lot of unread emails, cause she gets handreds of them an hour! Sometimes she uses my desktop, and as soon as she logs in can't even see my emails! And in order for me to get it back to just my emails I got to go in to my account and log out, but google logs out all of the accounts on that computer! So I have to go back and log in one by one email at a time.... It would of been absolutely fantastic, if I could just click on my wifes loged in email in the checker and log it out!
  • @timur.robakevich There are several alternative solutions for you which I use with my girlfriend. The 1st is using Chrome's multiple users feature
    then install the Gmail under each user's profile (assuming both you and your wife use the extension) then if depending on which Account adding method you are using; for auto-detect you can my extensions's ignore option for her account and in her account she can ignore your account. Or simply if you are using the adding manually account, just each add your own account under your profile's and that's it. Now if you don't want to see your wife's emails just close her Chrome profile and vice versa.
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