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"Switch to Inbox", "to" field not working

edited January 2015 in Checker Plus for Gmail
hi, in "switch to inbox", when i try writing a mail, the "TO" field, i cant write nor select anybody to put inside...


  • Thank you for the feedback, I just found a fix and I will be pushing a fix in version 18.0.6
  • I'm rolling out version 18.0.6, let me know if it works,
    but you might have to force the update with instructions here
  • now on 18.0.6, windows 8.1, but the extension appears totally OFF (grey color), even though im INSIDE gmail already, when i press the extension it says: unknown (Error: Gmail Refresh or sign out and in!)
    i already did that but still grey color (OFF), whats up?. thanks.
  • try restarting the browser
  • Did everything and didnt succeed (restart browser, computer, ccleaner), in the end the only solution was to tick "add account and stay signed in" BETA.
  • ah well good, that's why i worked hard on that alternative for such scenarios :)
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