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pop up window should evaporate after deleting mails

hi, it used to be that the window that pop ups from the bottom right when i clicked it, after i delete al mails, it closed automatically (saving me 1 click), but now, after all mails have been deleted from that window, i have to close manually, can you put it automatically again? thanks.


  • Can you send me a screenshot of the page that is not closing? there are so many use cases and options now that each users has a different way of using my extension.
  • what you call "rich notification", i click, it pops out, i delete all mails and BEFORE it used to close that windows automatically, now it stays there, i have to close manually, it would be nice to be like before.
  • Is this the window that does not close?

  • So I tested it and it does close on my computer, this seems to be a os/chrome specific issue that does not allow windows to close themselves. Have their been any updates on your end?
  • im using 17.3.2 windows 8.1 in a 1 month old laptop, but had the same problem in an older windows xp computer.
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