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  • I'm using windows 8
    Google chrome version 38.0.2125.122 m, and previous
  • The 1st screenshot I will try to fix
    The 2nd screenshot, does this blank result happen all the time? Or only for some emails?
  • I have the same problemm... (win 8.
    The 2nd screenshot,  for some emails does this blank all the time
  • @Серик.Задорожный and Игорь: I don't know if it's coincidence but it could be related to the russian language in the options or in the gmail emails. Can you forward me the emails which are causing issues - find my contact via http://jasonsavard.com/contact
  • I sent a message to your e-mail in which the problem
    The only problem with long names the message subject
    Perhaps the problem when only Russian or Ukrainian
    When in the name of the topic Russian + English is not a problem
  • Perhaps because of the problem of symbols
  • edited November 2014
    i have the same problem (blank screen) every time i open the pop up window that appears when a mail arrives (the one that i placed in the bottom right of my screen) so i read that mail, it opens but then it turns blank, nothing, like the mail has been deleted, but the mail is still in my mailbox...
    please fix. i have all my settings in english language, even though i also speak spanish (just in case).
  • @eze.v Can you send me a screenshot?
  • cant, but is pretty simple: 1) pop up appears  2) i click pop up to read mail  3) window opens, tries to display the message, but in a fraction of a second turns blank, just showing 1 line (my mail address with gray background), it doestn show any letter of the message.
  • i have windows xp SP3, it started doing so like 1 week ago, no it do it always.
  • sorry, i meant: "NOW it do it always".
  • This might be a Gmail webpage issue, trying signing out, clearing your all your cache, also check if you have any "labs" feature enabled and disable them all, also disable any other extensions you have. then restart your browser and see if it works.
  • писма прочитаны во время предыдущей версии а он только теперь показывает как не почитанные (Хотя часть уже и удалена)
  • Reboot and reinstall the browser and extensions do not help
    Sign out, cleaned cookies and everything possible
    no results
    The only problem with the letters from one forum http://www.golf-club.org.ua/forum/index.php

  • Yet perhaps because these problematic messages (unknown sender)
    (Неизвестный отправитель)
  • yes, you got it! that's exactly the problem, when the "from" field is empty it creates this issue, thanks everyone for the info, i will be pushing a fix in the next days.
  • The update does not help
    The first and second problem persists
  • ahh you're right :( but thank you for the logs, I noticed it's a different error now! it means I fixed it 50% :) ... it's hard to test this one because I didn't have any emails with no from field. It will be fixed in the next version, sorry.
  • i've fixed this issue on my local instance, but it will be included in the next "major" release. And I haven't finished developing the major release because it's big and needs lots of testing and i'm currently on a trip in Japan. But I confirm that I tested the empy "from" issue and it will work.
  • Thank you so much. Much better
    Only have a couple of problems
    1. Messages without the sender always as read. Without bold. Can add an inscription "(unknown sender)"
    2. Icons overlap inscriptionsimage
  • ok i will look into this issue also, they are both related to each other because there is no "sender" the subject becomes to high and creates the overlap issue.
    Good suggestion about the displaying "unknown sender" i guess just like Gmail does :) this fix will be in future releases
  • This issue should now be fixed in the latest version 18.0.7
  • Everything is fine!
    If possible, you can make an inscription "unknown sender" bold
    Thank you so much
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