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Size of Google Chrome window

When I click Checker Plus for Gmail pop-up window from the desktop Google Chrome opens not on full screen. Can I fix it with settings?imageimage


  • Chrome is supposed to remember the last size of it's window, so whenever an application opens a website link it should re-open at the last size of the Chrome window.
    Try resizing that opened Chrome window, then close it, then click the Gmail notification window again. Let me know if that works.
  • Jason, I always use full-screen window for browser.
  • I understand, this might be a Chrome bug with the window maximize, just try resizing that window to a much larger size (do not click the maximize button) then close it.
  • I have tried this, but it doesn't solve the problem.
  • This seems to be an OS/Chrome issue, which OS are you using? can you try this from another OS and see if the issue persists.
    You might have to refer to Chrome issue
  • Win 7 Home x64. I only can try it on Win 7 Home x86.
  • I have both Win7 Home Premium and Win7 Professional. I have the same issue. If I click on the popup notification, Chrome is opened half-screen on the left side of the monitor - the same as shown above. This is regardless of the last size and position of prior Chrome windows. As I have a very large monitor, this is an annoying bug.
  • @scott.smith This seems like a Chrome issue as I have no control over the size of the Chrome window when I open it (the only instruction i send is to open the window) try googling it for current issues on the situation.
  • Hi, I'm using your extension on Mac OS and I have the same issue, the window is always smaller when the extension opens chrome.
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